10 Ways to Flirt While Holiday Shopping

Cross off everything on your shopping list - including a new guy!
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10 Ways to Flirt While Holiday Shopping

Ahhh – the holiday season is upon us. Peace on earth! Miracles from the heavens! Love in the air! Well, maybe not so much that last part. Who has time for romance when there are cookies to bake, gifts to wrap and relatives to passive-aggressively throw down with?

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Multi-tasking is a must during the holidays – and that includes managing your love life. Here are BettyConfidential’s tips for combining holiday shopping with a little holiday flirting … ho ho ho!

1. Wander over to that guy who looks hopelessly lost in the women’s department. Give him a coy smile and ask who he’s shopping for. If he mentions his mom or a friend – offer your opinion and compliment his good taste in clothes. If he mentions his wife – offer your opinion and compliment her good taste in men. (‘Tis the season to be generous with compliments!)

2. Accidentally pick up his shopping bag instead of yours. Say, “Oops, guess we should write our names on these bags so we don’t get them confused. What’s yours??” If he asks for your name in return, consider yourself booked for New Year’s Eve!

3. Slip over to the lingerie department and try on a “sexy Santa” getup. Text pics of yourself as tawdry Mrs. Claus to your real-life Mr. Claus. Add the following message to take your flirting up a notch: “Did I make Santa’s naughty list this year?”

4. While shopping inside a store blaring Christmas carols at a decibel fit for no man or reindeer – lean over to a cute guy and say, “This song is going to be running through my mind all night long. Unless you want to give me something better to think about…”

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7 thoughts on “10 Ways to Flirt While Holiday Shopping

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  2. Different people have different routine set when a holiday has been reached. Some enjoy gossiping with friends and some love to go for shopping and your 10 ways pretty helpful to flirt while shopping and purchase products at cheap price.

  3. Such a great post Carrie ! And your tips are really amazing for flirt on holiday shopping. your ideas about sexy Santa on outside your store is really great and very naughty ideas. I also have a store, so i want to implement your ideas in my store.

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