10 Beauty Bloggers' Cold Weather Skin Care Secrets!

We asked these smart women who are surrounded by beauty products, what they do to pamper their skin in the cold.

10 Beauty Bloggers’ Cold Weather Skin Care Secrets!

We asked these smart women who are surrounded by beauty products what they do to pamper their skin in the cold.

-PJ Gach

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It’s easy to get away with a minimal skin care regimen when it’s warm out. Cold weather, freezing winds and drastic changes in temperatures call for more skin protection, and prevention against the elements. The best part of fall is the pampering! Who doesn’t love soaking in a warm, scented bubble bath on a cold day? That, hot chocolate and cute sweaters make us fans of this season.

We asked 10 beauty bloggers and editors one simple question, “How do you pamper your skin during autumn and winter?” Read on for their killer tips and tricks on keeping their skin summer-supple and their spirits buoyant during the colder months.

1. Eat for Beautymichelle joni lapidos

Michelle Joni Lapidos, Social Media Director, Spa Week
“First, I start with an oxygen facial and extractions. It’s always smart to start a new season with a facial (thus Spa Week taking place every October). It’s also important to keep my newly paler skin taut with a creamy-looking finish. Blemishes show up more on pale skin than it does on a  tanned face. To keep the zit count down and the glow-factor high, I keep a strict regimen of daily exfoliation, twice-daily washing, eye creams, serums and most importantly for the colder weather, moisturizer. I also eat for beauty! Sweet potatoes, salmon, eggs, olive oil, kale, asparagus and other greens are all fantastic for your complexion, so I am conscious about keeping these foods in my diet regularly.

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2. Use laura kenneyan Essential Oil Serum

Laura Kenney, Editor In Chief, YouBeauty.com
“Come fall, my thirty-something skin starts getting dry and flaky when the temp and humidity starts to drop. So I add an essential oil serum to my routine—in between my cleanser and moisturizer, morning and night. Essential oils are something I firmly believe help balance aging and acne-prone skin (of which, sadly, I have both!), and they give me the extra boost of moisture I need in cooler weather. They’re not greasy at all, but rather leave my skin with a healthy, effervescent sheen—exactly what I want in the throes of scaly skin season!

alexis wolfer3. Indulge in a Luxurious Face Cream

Alexis Wolfer, Editor In Chief, TheBeautyBean.com
As the weather starts to change, I always indulge in a luxurious face cream. While the milkweed and argan oils I use year round are hydrating enough during the warmer months, as the temperature starts dropping and the heat starts pumping out, I need something a little extra. Sure, a less expensive product would do the trick, but there is something about a rich cream in a beautiful bottle that makes me feel like I’m giving myself a little treat each time I apply it. I also always plan trips to Florida to visit my snow-bird parents for a bit of Vitamin-D, TLC and warmth … that counts too, right?!”

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d. glasgow skinner4. Baby Yourself!

D.Glasgow Skinner, Editor In Chief, My Life on and off the Guest List
“I happen to have the curse of unpredictable skin. It goes back and forth from dry to oily during most seasons, but winter is its most distressing time. My skin gets extremely dry and itchy during the winter. Creams, no matter how thick, do not alleviate the problem. So how do I keep my skin moisturized and supple? The answer is simple: baby oil. I have a few methods to which I apply this age old moisturizing product. I add it to my bath while taking a relaxing soak, I mix it with my exfoliator in the shower, of course I apply it in its original form and finally, I will mix it with my favorite perfumed body creme to enjoy my favorite fragrance while keeping my skin soft and fully moisturized.”

rachel adler5. Weekly Mani-Pedis

Rachel Adler, Beauty Director, BeautyHigh.com
“As the weather gets colder, I make a habit of doing weekly mani/pedi’s. The manis and pedis keep my hands and feet in great shape. Each week my nail art or color choice tends to get a little more experimental as I try to distract myself from the bitter temps! By the end of the season, I’ve tried every single combination you can imagine – good or bad!”

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vivianne lapointe 

6. Hit the Spa

Vivianne Lapointe, Editor In Chief, LIVEFASTMAG.com
“Fall season is spa season! I love the Korean spas in L.A. I can spend a full day there. Between the baths, scrubs, steam rooms, and all the other treatments, I walk out of there feeling like a new person!”

charu suir7. A Weekly Hydrating Mask

Charu Suri, Editor In Chief, BeautyStat.com
“When the weather is cooler, my skin (even though it’s oily/combination) tends to become quite dry. I moisturize more frequently, but my absolute favorite indulgence is a weekly hydrating masque, which I slather on without a care in the world. Then I leave the masque on for at least five to ten minutes while sipping a nice hot beverage (typically a fall drink, like a caramel macchiato or a nice cup of cocoa) and then rinse the masque off with cold water. It helps if the masque smells nice and fruity too, since that reminds me of summer.”

bryce gruber8. Sunday Night Spas at Home

Bryce Gruber, Editor In Chief, TheLuxurySpot.com
“When the leaves start to drop and my fuzzy fall coat comes out of the closet, it means it’s also time for my skin and hair to start drying out like raisins. I always devote Sunday nights to deep moisturizing on every level: I put a hot oil treatment in my hair, a collagen-infused face mask on, and hop into a long bath infused with essential oils. When I’m done, I turn on the shower, rinse off the mask and hair oi. Then I slather on a lavender body lotion before adding shea butter to my heels and popping into fuzzy socks. It’s my fave routine. Sadly there’s only time to do this late on Sunday nights!”

lorna solano9. H2O + SPF

Lorna Solano, Editor-In Chief, TheFabulous Report.com
“A big portion of my day is spent running around. In the fall, my daily schedule can really take a toll on my skin; so during the colder months I have to take extra care of my skin. Luckily, after years of trial-and-error, I’ve found a simple routine that works for me. I start and end my day with a big glass of water. This really helps to keep my skin hydrated. After cleansing, I use an SPF moisturizer to prevent dry skin and to protect me from the Sun’s winter rays. I also exfoliate every four days to help my skin retain its summer glow. My fall routine while simple, is effective and fits into my lifestyle. “

brittany roshelle davis10. Use Warm (Not HOT) Water

Brittany Roshelle Davis, BettyConfidential contributer and freelance beauty writer, The Write Stuff
“Winter is my biggest enemy during the holiday season. You can’t feel comfortable or confident if your skin’s itchy and flaky. To combat dryness on my face, I use an oatmeal-yogurt facemask weekly and a non-greasy lotion daily. I also only use warm water when I’m showering. Hot water will strip your skin of essential oils leaving your skin craving buckets of lotion during the day.”

Tell us: What’s your number one cold weather skin care MUST?

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style+Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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