10 Haute Hostess Gifts Under $50!

Treat the the hostess with the mostess with an amazing gift that won't break the bank!

A fabulous gift doesn’t need to be expensive. But with holiday party season in full swing, you should always bring your host a little gift. Because when someone says, “Just bring yourself!”, they never really mean it. Here are ten chic buys that’ll put you in the Good Gifter category in no time!

Barone Pizzini Animante Brut
Stylish hostess love these FRANCIACORTA wines. Often referred to as “Italian Champagne” they’re getting a lot of buzz on Vogue.com and Refinery29 as the new “It Drink”. And starting at $20, it’s a fabulous deal.


If you give someone an ornament that’s exquisite, you only need to give them one. So chic and the matching handmade box it comes in equally stunning. At Papyrus stores and online.


Boho Chic PERFECTION. One of a kind, hand made parasols with tasseled edges and detailed embroidery on vintage cotton. Perfectly sized at 26″ to hang above a table or on their own. Also available in a set of three for $108.00. From Olive & Cocoa


Olive & Cocoa_Aussie_Licorice_Box_b_P
In a handcrafted wooden crate, a box full of juicy green apple, sweet strawberry and luscious pineapple licorice! Thanks, Matey!
From Olive & Cocoa

Kiss of Colour Mini Lip Glace Collection
While a gift of blush or eyeshadow for a hostess might be a little weird, a luxe gift set of five (yes, five!) shimmery lip glosses a la Laura Mercier is fab. $50 at better department stores and online

Shot size mini copper mugs. Yes, please!
Available at Target

SnowTime (1)-2
Show up with a box of vegan minty goodness from LUSH that includes soaps, cream and yummy scrubs. Added bonus: It comes beautifully wrapped and ready. Although, this one is so good, you might want to put this on the one for me/one for you list!

Single Hand Cook & Carry - SCCPVS600ECP-S
Ever since BuzzFeed showed us we can make Pho and Nutella Bread Pudding in a Crock-Pot®, we’ve been hooked. But, toting a huge stock pot of food into someone’s home is not cute. The foodies in your life will gush when you arrive with this bad boy on your arm. Buy here for free shipping

Puppies and a holiday theme? This handcrafted wooden music box that plays The Magic Flute is positively charming and perfect for the puppy video loving host/hostess on your list!
$34.95 at Papyrus stores and online

And when you need to send a thank you note, look no further! Check out Expressionery for all your stationary needs.


Giving is the greatest gift. Remember that.

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