10 Ridiculous Things Lady Gaga Has Purchased

Lady Gaga likes to spend her hard-earned cash on some pretty unique items...
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10 Ridiculous Things Lady Gaga Has Purchased

Lady Gaga likes to spend her hard-earned cash on some pretty unique items…

-Lucia Peters


Gee, Lady Gaga sure is kooky, isn’t she? Naturally you’d expect that once she hit it big, she’d buy all sorts of kooky things. And guess what? She has! If you’re planning on being Gaga for Halloween, you might want to consider getting one or two of these items yourself; that will REALLY show your dedication to all things Gaga. Exactly what sorts of things is the “Born This Way” singer fond of spending her dough on? Let’s take a look:

1) Diamond Teeth


This is Gaga’s latest acquisition: Diamond teeth implants for Paris Fashion Week. According to CelebDirtyLaundry, she had them in place in time for Thierry Mugler’s show. No word yet on how many she had done, but the diamonds themselves are marquise diamonds. Talk about a winning smile!

2) Little Monsters Tattoo


Lady Gaga has quite a collection of tattoos, but her most notable is arguably her “little monsters” tattoo. A tribute to her fans, whom she calls (you guessed it) “little monsters,” the tattoo graces her microphone arm. It seems not unlike getting your significant other’s name tattooed on yourself; hopefully there won’t be any messy breakups here.

3) Ghost-Detecting Gear


A firm believer in ghosts, Gaga has reportedly dropped $50,000 on electromagnetic field equipment and other ghost-detecting gear. She’s got bodyguards to protect her physical being, but she wants to make sure she’s got her spiritual being covered, too. Just in case.

4) A Heart Valve for Her Dad


She got it for him as an anniversary present. Because nothing says “Happy Anniversary, Dad” like a new heart valve.

5) Her Own CDs


It’s true: Last October, Gaga purchased seven of her early works—which, notably, she released under her given name, Stefani Germanotta—at an auction. Among the items she purchased were her unreleased demo CD from 2002, a 2005 self-titled CD, a second 2005 CD titled Stefani Germanotta Band, and her original 2006 OSIA showcase performance DVD. Never underestimate the worth of your own archives.

More wacky purchases, including McDonald’s for her fans and the Virgin Mary, up next!

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