12 Valentine’s Day Cards That Don’t Suck: An Awesome Etsy Roundup

From your significant other to your best friend to your mortal enemy, we've got you covered with Valentine's Day (and Anti-Valentine's Day) cards that don't suck.
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12 Valentine’s Day Cards That Don’t Suck: An Awesome Etsy Roundup

From your significant other to your best friend to your mortal enemy, we’ve got you covered with Valentine’s Day (and Anti-Valentine’s Day) cards that don’t suck.

-Lucia Peters

V Day Cards

Oh wow, you guys. If you haven’t noticed, it’s February. How the heck did that happen? And you know what it means, of course? It means that the most dreaded of holidays is almost upon us. That’s right: Valentine’s Day.

Love it or hate it, it’s all about the greeting cards—which, by the way, usually suck. Or at least, the ones that you buy in the store tend to suck. You know who has tons and tons of Valentine’s Day Cards that DON’T suck? Etsy. For Etsy is a marvelous place, and odds are if you can dream of it, odds are someone has made it—by hand!—and put it there for sale. So from cute to quirky, from nerdy to dirty, from “I’m so in love with you I feel like I could die happy right now” to “I hate you,” and from Singles Awareness Day to all-out Anti-Valentine’s Day, here’s your guide to Valentine’s Day Cards that don’t suck. Happy carding!

1. Cute:

V Day Card cute

Just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it has to be sickening, right? And hey, let’s face it: nothing is cuter than robots in love. Bonus: You can also get one with the boy robot giving the heart to the girl robot. ($4, JulieAnnArt)

2. Romantic:

V Day Card romantic

Not only is this one romantic, even better, it’s unconventionally romantic. Graffiti can be beautiful—just like this, which was snapped on a street somewhere in France. Perfect to give to someone you love more than life itself. No one does romance quite like the French, n’est-ce pas? ($3.65, made4aid)

3. Dirty:

V Day Card dirty

This card is awesome for a couple of reasons: 1) It’s incredibly dirty, and 2) It’s also simultaneously extremely classy. How does it manage to be both at once? Easy. It’s Shakespeare. The creator of this particular Etsy shop, Geekcycled, found a battered, falling-apart copy of Shakespeare’s Bawdy way in the back of a second-hand book shop, and, after spending hours looking at all the rude and naughty words Shakespeare used, decided that it would make a great source of greeting card material. This particular one features the many uses of the word “kind,” though there are plenty of other options to choose from. Awwww yeeeeeah. ($2.38, Geekcycled)

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4. For Your Bestie:

V Day Card bestie

Because that’s what besties are for: Making your life not suck. ($3, letterhappy)

5. Mathematically Inclined:

V Day Card mathy

I believe this lovely and elegant equation first appeared on GraphJam a couple of years ago, though you may not want to quote me on that. Either way, though, it’s the perfect way to let the math genius in your life know how much you care. ($4, 4four)

6. Singles Awareness Day:

V Day Card Singles Awareness

Singles Awareness Day is observed by single people the world over. Oddly enough, though, it’s often got quite a negative connotation, something which reflects itself in many of the cards available that mark the occasion. So here’s a thought: Why not celebrate being single instead? These are just a few of the reasons why being single is awesome. Go nuts. Monogamy is for chumps. ($4, creativitycards)

More awesome Valentine’s Day cards, including ones for your partner in crime, up next!

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