15 Reasons To Get Excited About Fall

A summer girl's self pep talk about the glory of autumn.


I’m a summer girl, no doubt about it. It’s my favorite season, and every year when it comes to an end, I mourn.  (And since I’ve developed fall allergies, I can actually say: I am LITERALLY allergic to the end of summer!) But, I grudgingly concede that autumn has a lot going for it. So, to get myself (and all the other summer lovers) pepped up for the changing of the season, here’s a list of all the great things about it. I’d love to know what you’d add!

1. Pumpkin everything. Yes, I’m one of those people who gets excited about pumpkin spice lattes.

2. Ridiculously gorgeous fall leaves. Whether I’m walking through Central Park or taking a drive in the country, the brilliant fall foliage never fails to take my breath away.


4. My favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. No presents, no specific religion … just pure gratitude. (Also? Leftovers.)

5. Fall weather is kind to skin. Not too hot, but not too freezing.

6. The end of humidity! (At least for us East-coasters, this is a big deal.)

7.  That wonderful, nerve-wracking, possibility-filled “back to school” feeling — even if you’re not actually going back to school. There’s just something in the air.

8. FALL TV. Enough said.

9. Cooler days but still sunny skies = perfect for getting exercise outdoors.

10. Halloween.

11. Apple picking. Apple pie. Hot apple cider. Caramel apples!

12. Fires in the fireplace and in the fire-pit outdoors. SO cozy.

13. Fall beauty trends. It’s time to trade my signature summer corals and oranges in for rich jewel-tones and berry colors — and that’s just on my toes!

14. Sweaters.

15. Guys in sweaters. : )

What’s your favorite thing about this season?


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7 thoughts on “15 Reasons To Get Excited About Fall

  1. Hussar, I'm so grateful to you for sharing this autumn-welcoming post with us over here 🙂 Yes, this post made me much excited for autumn at the corner! Most of the years, I really feel sad, bored and colorless during autumn but after reading this post, I'm truly electrified… pumpkins, fall leaves, boots, thanks-giving, and a lot more there to make love of. Cheers 🙂

  2. A lot of great things to love about fall, many you mentioned. Being able to still grill outside and sit out into the evening with just a light jacket and the fire pit lit. No more mosquitoes, and that is a big thing and hiking in the mountains looking at all of the leaves.

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