And Today in Ridiculousness, Tyra Banks Is Suing 10 Companies for Making Tyra Banks-Inspired Wigs

You guys! They're trying to steal Tyra Banks' hair without her permission!

Tyra Banks February 2013

You guys! Someone is trying to steal Tyra Banks’ hair right off of her own head!

Well, not really. But according to Vogue UK, Tyra is suing ten different companies for making wigs inspired by her many hairstyles. She recently filed a lawsuit seeking a whopping $10 million in damages; her claim is that the wig-makers are using her “name, photograph, image, and identity,” as well as her trademarks, without her permission. What wigs, you ask? TMZ reports that the styles under fire are ones like this Yaki wig and this custom Tyra lace wig.

Now, I realize that Tyra is a businesswoman, but does this whole thing seem a little… well, silly to anyone else? If every celebrity whose distinctive hair inspired a party wig or two sued all the wig makers in the world, no one would ever be able to dress up as their favorite celeb for Halloween ever again. Horrors!

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Maybe the mistake the wig companies made was referring to their hairpieces specifically as Tyra Banks wigs; if they had named them something a little more nebulous, like “Former Supermodel Wig,” they would have been able to get around the issue—like how calls their definitely-not-Sexy-Mario Halloween costume a “Sexy Red Plumber” costume instead.

Or maybe the difference here is that wigs in question aren’t cheap. At $359 a pop—and that’s a sale price, too!—the hairpieces are likely pulling in a tidy profit from which Tyra isn’t benefitting at all. These ain’t no “Blue Heart Headbands” (which, by the way, are officially licensed by Katy Perry).

Anyhoo, that’s the dish. Will Tyra win her lawsuit? Probably, although to be honest, I’m not totally sure she really needs another $10 million in the bank (no pun intended).

Tell us: Is Tyra in the right here, or is the whole thing a little tiny bit ridiculous?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s senior editor.

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