Courtney Stodden’s First Post-Split Interview Is… Surprisingly Self-Aware

Wow. Is anyone else kind of surprised by Courtney Stodden's first interview post-split from Doug Hutchison?

Courtney Stodden July 2013

Even split up, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison continue to be the most bizarrely fascinating couple around—and now the 19-year-old soon-to-be divorceé has given her first interview about the whole thing. And it’s… surprisingly self-aware. Huh. Who’d a thunk it?

Courtney recently opened up to E! on the subject of her marriage, why it failed, where she’s at now, and more. You can watch the whole thing below, but in brief, here are your talking points:

On what went wrong: “My age, obviously.”

On whether it’s a publicity stunt: It’s not. It’s not.” (Repeated for extra emphasis). “I don’t understand why we would do that right now, when so many people were against us. This isn’t a stunt.”

On what she realized during her stint on Celebrity Big Brother—which, it’s worth noting, was the first time she had been away from Doug for more than 24 hours since they got married: “I was missing him, but not intimately. I couldn’t neglect my desires and wanting to embrace my independence and my freedom.”

On looking back at her marriage: “I got that it was unconventional, but I didn’t get how weird and strange it came across”—something which she “definitely” understands now.

On how she feels now: “I am happy, and I’m excited. I feel like a little girl again, just being able to start over. When I was 16, I got my marriage license instead of my driver’s license. Come on.”

On her questionable early interviews: “I was 16, 17 in those interviews, and I had this newfound celebrity—I was a personality overnight. So I was just like, how do I deal with this?”

On why it doesn’t bother her that people view her as a sex object: “I do my own thing. I’m not ashamed of the way I look, I’m a confident girl and happy, and honestly, I think that’s all that matters.”

While her response to being a sex object may be a little “…eh?”-inducing (self-confidence is all well and good, but I don’t think she quite understands yet that objectification isn’t a good thing), the answer I find most interesting is the one that details how she looks at her first interviews—especially the one that gave birth to this infamous face:

Courtney Stodden duck face

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It was obvious perhaps to everyone but Courtney herself that she was acting a part at the time, putting on an image she thought was sexy and mature—essentially, playing dress-up. Now, though, she just sounds like what she is: A 19-year-old girl. A 19-year-old girl who’s still in the spotlight for no discernible reason, as I’m still not convinced she actually has any talent—but a 19-year-old girl nonetheless. Not a 35-year-old performance artist.

I know the blame game is counterproductive. But especially seeing this post-split interview, all I can think is: Why didn’t ANY of the adults around her realize how TERRIBLE an idea it was to let a 16-year-old decide whether she was ready for marriage—especially to someone so much older than she was? Doug himself really should have known better; at 51, you should know that if you’re worshipping someone who isn’t old enough to drive yet, something is a little bit off. But even more so, I can’t figure out how her parents could get on board with it. Were they blinded by the idea of their little girl marrying someone famous? If so… Biggest. Parenting fail. EVER.

Anyhoo, for the curious, here’s the full post-split interview, as well as her first interview for comparison purposes. What a difference between them, no?



Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s senior editor.

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