Veronica Lake’s 10 Best Quotes About Love, Life, Being a Rebel + More

In honor of what would have been Veronica Lake's 91st birthday, we give you her best quotes about love, rebellion, Hollywood, and more!
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Veronica Lake hair1. On happy accidents:

“My hair kept falling over one eye and I kept brushing it back. I thought I had ruined my chances for the role. But [Arthur] Hornblow was jubilant about that eye-hiding trick. An experienced showman, he knew that the hairstyle was something people would talk about. He had a big picture and lots of talk would bring customers to see it.”

Veronica’s first major big screen role was in the Hornblow-produced film I Wanted Wings. It’s often said that she stole every scene she was in—and so did her hair, which went on to become her trademark style.

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