VIDEO: Why Do Women Date Jerks, Losers, and Cheaters? (Finally, Some Answers!)

At last, some answers to the age-old question!

The ladies of The Girl Code have some answers to the age-old question: Why do women date jerks? (And yes, even Ryan Gosling can be a jerk. Or at least, he is in Drive.) Mystery solved!

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Why Do Women Date Jerks, Losers, and Cheaters? (Finally, Some Answers!)

  1. The thrill, the desire to "change" a guy, because it is cool to be seen with him….It could be any number of reasons. Deep down I think most women want a strong and confident man, who stands up for himself and has drive and purpose in life. A lot of men in life have these qualities and ARE good guys.

    I think most men in life who fit this description, and are NOT jerks, are just not interested in competing with the jerks. They tend to not be interested in the type of women who fall for these guys time and time again. I think these men desire a strong women, who knows what she wants in life and is attracted to him because he does too.

    Sadly what I see now among my girlfriends who used to regularly these bad boys, are that they now get rejected by the good guys. These women are interested in settling down now, but these good guys are simply not interested in them. Its sad but it seems these guys characterize these girls as party girls and shallow, and maybe are hurt a bit from being brushed aside in the past.

  2. Girl age 16: “You’re such a nice guy.”

    Translation: ” I don’t want to hurt your feelings, or come off as a bitch to my friends, but I’m really much more attracted to Bad Boys – outlaw bikers, the football team’s quarterback, basically any guy who appears dangerous and exciting. You’re Nice, nice and mundane”

    Girl age 22: “You’re such a nice guy.”

    Translation: “Thanks for listening on the phone to me cry, fall into verbal hysterics and drone on for hours about my Jerk BF (oh, and my little dog too). You’re really sweet, and deserve a girl (which isn’t me) who can appreciate how nice (i.e. mundane) you are.”

    Girl age 28: “You’re such a nice guy.”

    Translation: “I know you’ve always been (an) my emotional tampon, and thanks for sticking with it – any sane guy would’ve found a far better prospect by now. And while I’m beginning to see that guys like you are stable, dependable and tend to make a lot more money than the Jerks I’ve dated, I think I’m gonna hold out for a hotter guy than you while my looks still hold up”

    Woman age 32: “Why can’t I just find a nice guy?”

    Woman age 35+: “You’re such a nice guy.”

    Translation: “Oh, you’re a Nice Guy,, let me suck that for you. See? Being a Nice Guy does get you laid!,..thanks for being there for me when I needed you; my fatherless kids appreciate your generosity too. How chivalrous of you to forgive my past indiscretion and take us in, I wish there were more guys like you. I really pity the women who can’t appreciate your kind of dedication – you are so different from “other guys”".

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