5 Perfect Gifts For… The DIY Diva

If your gal pal likes to build, knit, grow, or otherwise "do," these five holiday gift ideas will set her DIY heart aflutter!


Whether your bestie likes to build things, grow things, program things, or just otherwise MAKE things, give her a gift this holiday season that will keep her—and her hands—busy for hours. Get ready to DIY!

1. Wine Enthusiast wine cork trivet kit ($19.99, macys.com). Perfect for the DIY gal who also loves her wine—it’ll give her something to do with all those corks, and the end result is gorgeous. Talk about a conversation-starting piece!

2. Old World Charm terrarium kit ($45, whiteflowerfarm.com). Nothing brightens up the winter like a spot of color! Putting together a terrarium is all kinds of fun—and once it’s built, it only takes a little tiny bit of care to keep it blooming all year long.

3. Wooden catapult kit ($29.99, thinkgeek.com). Everyone needs a tiny, working wooden catapult on their desk at work they built themselves. Just sayin’.

4. Personalized knitting needles ($28, etsy.com) For the knitter in your life. Add a couple skeins of quality, colorful yarn and a Stitch n’ Bitch book for the ultimate gift.

5. SparkFun Inventor’s Kit ($99.95, sparkfun.com). SparkFun’s awesome inventor kit has everything your technologically inclined friend needs to get started building circuits and interacting with the Arduino programming language. You don’t need any electronic experience and the kit doesn’t require any soldering, so if she’s been considering dabbling in electronics, she’ll have a blast with this baby.

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3 thoughts on “5 Perfect Gifts For… The DIY Diva

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  2. Anja says:

    Thanks for the great tips, perfect for Christmas :)

  3. John Bills says:

    Thanks for sharing this great tips. I really now have an idea what gift to give this Christmas season.

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