Rihanna’s Holiday Gift Haul Is Better Than Yours, And She Wants to Make Sure You Know It

Rihanna recently Instagrammed pretty much every single thing her designer pals sent her for the holidays. Ugh-inducing or justified? Weigh in here!

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I am often conflicted about Rihanna. On the one hand, her story is pretty extraordinary, and obviously in the great Chris Brown debate, I am firmly Team RiRi (no one deserves an abusive relationship. Ever). On the other, though, sometimes I can’t help but feel that fame has gone to her head just a teeeeeeeensy little bit. For example, I can’t figure out why she keeps insisting on being a fashion designer when no one really likes her stuff.  At all. It’s usually wisest to play to your strengths when you’re a star—and RiRi? This is not your forte. Just, y’know, FYI.

And then there’s this: The singer has Instagrammed pretty much every single holiday gift she’s gotten from the likes of Stella McCartney, Donatella Versace, Miuccia Prada, and more… and maybe this is just me, but does it kind of make anyone else go, “UGH!”?

I understand that one of the perks of stardom is that you get free stuff—often extremely expensive free stuff. I would be thrilled at finding a whole bunch of gifts from my favorite designers waiting for me when I got home, too. But even though the point of stars having Instagram and such is so they can share their lives with their fans (which is ultimately just another marketing tool, no?), there are some things that I just don’t think need sharing. When it gets down to it, what do you accomplish by posting images of the thousands—possibly millions—of dollars’ worth of designer gear gifted to you other than bragging? You could probably argue that she wanted to say “thank you” to Stella, Donatella, et al.—but there are ways to do that without broadcasting it over the entire Internet. A nice, handwritten thank you card sent directly to the person you want to thank will get the job done and then some.

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More often than not, the stars I respect the most are more than just talented; they’re also still grounded, in spite of their stardom. It’s why I prefer, say, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck over Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. “If you got it, flaunt it” is all very well, but there’s a level of ostentatiousness some stars reach that’s not only unnecessary, but—worse—kind of distasteful.

But again, maybe that’s just me. What do you think? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill? Or do things like RiRi’s “LOOK AT ALL MY STUFF!” Instagrams bug anyone else?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s senior editor.

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3 thoughts on “Rihanna’s Holiday Gift Haul Is Better Than Yours, And She Wants to Make Sure You Know It

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