5 Perfect Gifts For… The Music Maven

Let your bestie rock her heart out this holiday season with these fab gift ideas!

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If your bestie always has her tunes on and rocks out wherever she goes, odds are she’s a total music addict. So why not surprise her with one of these fab gift ideas this holiday season? From high-tech headphones to handmade art objects made from old records, she’ll have the most musical holiday ever!

1. Jambox ($149.99, jawbone.com). Tiny box; big sound! Connect your phone, your laptop, or anything else to it thanks to its many input options (including wireless Bluetooth!) and rock out wherever, whenever. Oh, and did we mention that you can customize its color scheme? Love!

2. Record clock ($26, etsy.com). An old vinyl upcycled into a snazzy clock? Yes please! This one is made from the Rolling Stones album Some Girls, but take your pick from everything from The Beatles to Johnny Cash.

3. MakerBot Mixtape ($39, makerbot.com). Remember the days when you’d spend hours with your trusty double tape deck boom box, putting together mix tapes for all your friends? Well, now you can relive those days with the convenience of the digital age. Just plug MakerBot Mixtape into your computer, drag and drop the audio files you want onto it, and gift away!

4. Onkyo ES-FC 300 (V) on-ear headphones ($149, amazon.com). A word of advice: Don’t get Beats. Everyone I know who has ever owned a pair says they break ALL. The TIME. And they’re CRAZY expensive. No good. This pair from Onkyo made Forbes’ 10 Headphones That Are Better Than Beats list,  and they’re definitely going to give your music-loving friend the most bang for the buck. Also, they’re violet. I mean, they come in neutral colors, too—but how can you say no to violet headphones?

5. Crosley Cruiser portable turntable ($99.99, alwaysfit.com). Sure, it may not be quite as practical as an MP3 player—but if your pal adores the sound of vinyl, here’s a way to let her take it with her wherever she goes (within reason). Bonus: It comes in a whole bunch of fun colors!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the nice list, although it is quite expensive – the Jambox will be a great gift for my son :-) .

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  3. Highest IQ says:

    Thanks for the nice list, although it is quite expensive – the Jambox will be a great gift for my son :-) .

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