5 Perfect Gifts For… The Travel Addict

For the gal who can't wait to hit the road (or boat, or plane, or hot air balloon...), these five holiday gift ideas are sure to please!

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Would that we could all be world travelers! These five holiday gifts are perfect for your friend who can’t wait to hit the road (or airplane, or boat, or, hot air balloon, or…) on her next big adventure. Tally-ho!

1. Luxe travel guides ($9.99 each, luxecityguides.com). Think you know travel guides? Trust us: You’ve never met a guide like this before. Cheeky yet classy and a whole lot of fun, Luxe’s city guides fit easily in your bag and open up the world to you. If your favorite travel addict has a trip planned for 2014, slip the corresponding guide in her stocking this holiday season; or, if she likes to dream about where she’d eventually like to go, get her a boxed set with three guides you handpick yourself.

2. Anne Taintor luggage tags ($9.99 each, annetaintor.com). Best. Luggage tags. EVER.

3. Ineke deluxe sample fragrance collection ($25, anthropologie.com). Scent is the most powerful memory trigger there is, so what better gift for a world traveler than seven eau de parfums that bring to mind everything from a nightblooming garden to a Shakespeare play? AND they’re all small enough to satisfy the TSA’s requirements. Our favorite destination-inspired scent: Field Notes from Paris, of course!

4. Bespoke map necklace ($21, etsy.com). If you and your travel buddy bestie have a favorite city you’ve explored together, capture the memories in the form of a handmade necklace. You select the location, and this fabulous Etsy seller will take an old map and turn it into a beautiful pendant. Love!

5. MyWalit double zip mega purse ($164, jennibick.com). Nothing is worse than an aching shoulder after carting around your mondo travel bag all day. The solution? This colorful little item. Made of Italian leather, it’s ridiculously roomy, yet tiny and compact. With 11 credit card slots, a transparent ID window, a note section, eight compartments, space for loose change, and double zip protection… well, just think of it as the TARDIS of wallets: It’s bigger on the side.

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