12 Disgruntled Pets in Santa Hats

Because nothing is funnier than humiliating your pet on a major holiday, we give you a carefully curated selection of disgruntled dogs, cats, birds, and more wearing teeny tiny Santa hats. You're welcome.
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Cat santa hat beard

Do you put costumes on your pets? I don’t, but that’s mostly because I don’t think my SO’s and my two cats would sit still long enough for us to fasten them into anything. Well, that and the fact that Nymeria would probably try to eat whatever we put on her (everything is food to her until she shoves it in her mouth and determines it’s not. Then it’s a toy.).

Somehow, though, these pet owners manage to wrestle their cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, and more into Santa hats for the holiday season. The pets don’t look super happy to be wearing all that festive finery, but in some ways, their reluctance just adds to the charm. So here’s your Monday funny, Bettys: 12 disgruntled pets wearing Santa hats. Happy holidays!

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4 thoughts on “12 Disgruntled Pets in Santa Hats

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  2. Cat wear Santa Hat and cloth looking good and i love black cats.

  3. The subject is amazing as always. It’s really cleared my mind for more consideration.

  4. essaycool says:

    I used to make my cat wear funny costumes as well, he was grumpy at first and then he just decided to roll with it and fall asleep. Animals are the best, honestly.

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