Guys, This Is How You Leave the Friend Zone

For some guys, the ones with all the dating confidence in the world, this isn’t a problem. As for the rest of the population, well, you guys have Ethan Hawke!
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Ethan Hawk before sunrise

In this age of ambiguous hangouts, it can be difficult to tell when you’re hanging out with someone, and when you’re…

…you know…

…hanging out with someone.

(Or, as we adults sometimes like to refer to it: dating.)

If you like someone, and you’re spending time with them, but this time hasn’t necessarily been initiated with romantic intent, figuring out whether the person you’re spending all day with/seeing a movie with/installing their air conditioner with is actually interested in you can be agony. You can either let it go on indefinitely (and GChat your friends about it ad nauseum), or you can make a move, and find out for sure.

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For some guys — the ones with all the dating confidence in the world — this isn’t a problem. They simply go in for the kiss (or the slightly-less-ballsy handhold), and if they’re turned down, they shrug it off.

As for the rest of the population, well, you guys have Ethan Hawke!

In a world of Ryans Gosling and Lochte, Shakespeare-loving Ethan Hawke has been unfairly overlooked as a paradigm of Guys with Game. But, as blogger Nick Notas points out, Hawke in Before Sunrise — or rather, his character, Jesse — has game in spades.

The scene starts with them on a bus. Right away, Jesse sits next to Céline instead of across from her. He positions himself close, which instantly creates an romantic dynamic and allows for easy physical contact. He doesn’t hide his intentions by sitting opposite her.

He rests back in the seat and looks damn comfortable. He drapes his arm around her seat which again creates closeness between them. He holds strong eye contact. Then he rolls into…

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Jesse: Alright, I got an idea. Are you ready?
Céline: Okay.
Jesse: Alright, it’s Q&A time. We’ve known each other a little while now, we’re stuck together, so we’re going to ask each other a few uh, direct questions. Alright?
Céline: So, we ask each other questions.
Jesse: And you have to answer 100% honestly.
Céline: Of course.
Jesse: Okay, alright, first question.
Céline: You.
Jesse: (Speaks in a German accent, or what Americans would consider “Freudian.”) Describe for me. (Back to regular accent.) Yes, I’m going to ask you. (Freudian accent again.) Describe for me your first sexual feelings towards a person.

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