Hot Links! Slotherella + Other Tales of Disney Sloth Princesses

Plus: What your travel style is (and where you should go next), how to decide what to keep and what to chuck when moving in together, and more!

disney sloth princesses

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Disney Princess would look like if she were a sloth? Even if this is not a thing that has ever crossed your mind, now’s the time for you to find out. And trust us—YOU WANT TO FIND OUT. (TheGloss)

What’s your travel style—and where should you go next? Whether you like to bring back shopping bags or crazy stories from your trips, we’ve got you covered! (The Frisky)

And the next candidate for Dad of the Year is… this guy who draws AMAZING pictures on his kids’ sandwich bags every day. We want our lunch to be this exciting! (The Berry)

Is 35 the new 50—and what exactly do we mean by that, anyway? (YouBeauty)

Tragedy can teach us an awful lot about love. Read one woman’s story here. (YourTango)

Moving in together? Here’s how to decide what to keep and what to chuck. And besides, who doesn’t love a handy infographic? (HowAboutWe)

This might just be the best CC cream ever invented. (BeautyBloggingJunkie)

What’s next for Sofia Vergara’s Kmart line? Sexy, sexy shapewear! (TheGloss)

Nobody but Tilda Swinton could single-handedly set off a dance party in quite this fashion. (The Frisky)

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