Hot Links! Everything You Need to Know About Dating Post-College

Plus: Ironic foods we hope Urban Outfitters will sell, how to refresh your summer makeup look, and more!


“Burning Man Toast” and other ironic foods we really hope Urban Outfitters’ new Williamsburg location will sell—because apparently they’re turning into a hipster-y IKEA. Oh, and the toast coasts $19.95, by the way. (TheGloss)

The Baby Bachelor? Seriously? Well, no, but good grief, Jimmy Kimmel—don’t give ABC any ideas! (The Frisky)

Recent graduates, here’s what you need to know about dating post-college. Oh, and congratulations! (HowAboutWe)

Saved by the Bell. Behind the scenes. ‘Nuff said. (The Berry)

It’s time to get off the crazy train and ditch these dating habits that make you look psycho (because we know that you’re actually awesome and totally NOT psycho. We kid because we care!). (WeLoveDates)

Grooming your ladybits is never fun—but you can make it more bearable with these 7 products. Go forth! (YouBeauty)

Could your inner child be ruining your love life? Here’s what to do about it. (YourTango)

With these fab and easy tips, refreshing your makeup look for summer has never been easier! (BeautyBloggingJunkie)

Wish you had a motion-activated, light-up skirt in your wardrobe? Now you can! (TheGloss)

How to get fail-proof, awesome, wavy locks while you sleep—SUPER easily. Sign us up! (The Frisky)

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