Spice Up Your Bedroom With These 5 Simple Steps

Ask not what your bedroom can do for you, but what you can do for your bedroom.

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Many of us are focused on self-growth and self-reflection when it comes to enhancing our sex lives — and there’s nothing wrong with that! But most of us aren’t even aware of the importance that our environment plays in having a better sex life. Sadly, we often neglect the place where most of the action takes place: the bedroom.

Have you really looked at your bedroom lately? Go ahead, give it a once-over. Does it invite intimacy? Is it comfortable? Does it feel like your sanctuary?

Or could it use some improvement?

Below are some totally doable tips for creating a bedroom that will not only enhance your sex life, but become a refuge from the stress of daily life, too.

1. Sexy to the touch. A cozy comforter makes you want to slip into bed, and soft sheets complete the experience. Remember, only a few throw pillows … you don’t want to ruin the romantic moment by doing manual labor to clear yourselves a spot on the bed! Plush carpeting is always nice, but if your budget is an issue, a soft and furry throw rug creates a comfy landing for your feet … or for the both of you, in case the mood strikes before you make it to the mattress.

2. Pleasing to the eye. Most importantly, clean and unclutter your bedroom. By doing this, the possibilities are endless for decorating and accessorizing your room to make it a sexier haven. The allure of the bedroom is truly enhanced by the color you choose for the walls. Visit your paint store and ask for suggestions. Lighting is everything, so to enhance the effect, forget bright lights, and transcend the space to a warm glow with dimmed table lamps, wall sconces, or candles. Choose wall hangings or pictures that are sensual and/or soothing — no photos of your kids, or your mom and dad staring at you!

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