Hot Links! Does This Bra Look Like It’s Worth $6,000 to You?

Plus: What Mr. Big has been up to since ‘Sex and the City’ ended, how to get Nicole Kidman’s fabulous Cannes hair, and more!

rococo dessous bra

Please do not spend $6,000 on this Rococo Dessous bra. Seriously. Just don’t do it. (TheGloss)

In case you’ve been wondering what Mr. Big has been up to since the end of Sex and the City… here you go. (The Frisky)

There’s something about mancakes—that is, men making pancakes. Are we alone here? (HowAboutWe)

Are you addicted to Candy Crush Saga? Because if you aren’t, we’ve got a whole bunch of reasons you should be—and most of them take the form of valuable love and relationship lessons. Who knew? (WeLoveDates)

We’re kind of (read: totally) in love with Nicole Kidman’s braided bun from Cannes. Here’s how to get the look! (BeautyBloggingJunkie)

Because it’s summer, here’s your ultimate guide to getting lucky at a wedding. Go forth! (YourTango)

A delicious, make-it-yourself summer treat that also gives you whiter teeth and a healthy glow? Yes please! (YouBeauty)

Don’t know who Chris Haverlock is? You do now! (The Berry)

Ladies, meet your new Mr. Darcy. Because apparently there weren’t enough of them around already. (TheGloss)

Sooooo apparently believing you’re a zombie is a real thing now? (The Frisky)

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