Is the Clutter in Your Life Making You Fat? Meet ‘Hoarders’ Star Dorothy Breininger

What does de-cluttering have to do with your weight? A lot, says this "Hoarders" cast-member.


Hi Ladies! So your Cyber Main Gay has been very busy with the NEW “ASK HARVEY” advice column for BettyConfidential. Look for the first video installment next week! Thanks for all the Facebook messages and Twitter drama! So many questions to choose from. I’ll try to get to them all. In the meantime, I’ve come across a new idea about losing weight. Like many of you, I’ve tried every diet on the market. I’ve decided that beauty is not a number. Not your age or dress size. It’s about finding a healthy weight and a radiant complexion!

While pondering this question, I was so fortunate to meet Dorothy Breininger, one of  the expert organizers on A&E’s Emmy-nominated TV series Hoarders, and discover her new book, STUFF YOUR FACE OR FACE YOUR STUFF: The Organized Approach to Lose Weight by Decluttering Your Life which just hit shelves last month.

Dorothy recently lost 75 pounds. Her new book focuses on getting healthy via the same de-cluttering and organizing mindset she brings to her work with clients and on the show. Dorothy talks about her journey a bit in this wonderful book trailer:

Here is a bit more about Dorothy’s story: As one of the stars of a successful TV show, a three-time recipient of NAPO’s “Most Innovative Organizer Award” and a high-energy, sought-after national speaker, Dorothy Breininger’s career was soaring. Yet underneath her sunny disposition Dorothy carried around a secret shame of her own — food addiction. It wasn’t until the third season of  Hoarders as she was talking to people with hoarding issues that she had an epiphany. Just as these people were buying, collecting, and hoarding stuff to fill a void, lessen anxiety, and reconnect with happier times in life — so was she. But instead of hoarding possessions Dorothy was hoarding fat on her body and it was making her very unhappy. It wasn’t until she realized that she had to tackle her demons head-on that Dorothy learned to face her own clutter, and lost 75 pounds in the process.

Pretty amazing! My big gay life is full of over whelming clutter! Dorothy helped me see my clutter has categories:  Emotional, Physical and Environmental clutter. Who knew? Stack of unpaid bills? Clothes everywhere? Toxic relationship[s]? Sound familiar? In the US, dieting is going down and weight is going up. Are we all so stressed and overwhelmed?

I know for myself that a box of Cheese-Its is constantly calling my name. Moderation is obviously not my middle name! Check out Dorothy’s book and see if it applies to you. If not you, we all have girlfriends with clutter drama! I did and I’m glad to say that I’ve lost 28 pounds. The funny thing is that I’m finding more happiness too. Thanks Dorothy!

Look for ASK HARVEY next week!



harveyhelms3Harvey Helms is a beauty culturist and writer, drawing on 30 years of experience in cosmetics, fashion and design. Harvey has held positions ranging from Global Director of Beauty for Revlon Cosmetics to Executive Director of Special Events for Donna Karan Beauty. Harvey currently lives and works in Silicon Valley, where he just finished writing his first book in a trilogy of three: Blush: The Unbelievably Absurd Diary Of A Gay Beauty Junkie, an engaging tell-all on the fashion industry. Follow Harvey on Twitter @harveyhelms.

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7 thoughts on “Is the Clutter in Your Life Making You Fat? Meet ‘Hoarders’ Star Dorothy Breininger

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