In Honor of ‘World War Z’: 10 Celebrities We Suspect Might Actually Be Zombies

The release this week of 'World War Z' got us thinking: What if these celebrities were actually zombies in disguise?
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After many delays, a number of rewrites, and a whole lot of anticipation, World War Z finally comes out this week. Starring Brad Pitt, it’s a big screen adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel of the same name—which, by the way, might actually be one of the best books about how humans deal with disaster on a grand scale ever written (not bad for a zombie story, no?). I’m not sure whether or not the film will have the same sort of impact the book did, but I really, REALLY want it to be good. It may not be; if that is case, I will be sad. Here’s the trailer:

While I’ve been waiting to find out how the movie is, though, I’ve been thinking: What if the zombie invasion has already begun? Could there be a number of important zombies in high places that are so good at disguising themselves that we’re not even aware that they’re undead yet? These celebs make me a tiny bit suspicious.

Which stars do you think might be actually be zombies in disguise? Tell us in the comments!

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