‘21 and Over’ Star Sarah Wright Talks Co-Stars, Crazy Nights Out + What You’ll Catch Her In Next

This rising star gave us the scoop on working with the boys on ‘21 and Over’, her advice for college grads, and the beauty products that keep her looking Hollywood-ready.


With both a baby boy and a role in Walk of Shame (alongside Elizabeth Banks!) on the way, things are looking bright for Sarah Wright. In the meantime, she’s celebrating the DVD release of 21 and Over, a raucous comedy following a night of alcohol-fueled debauchery. Whether you’re 21 or just party like you’re 21, the flick is a riotous good time. We had the opportunity to chat with Wright a.k.a. Nicole about working with a cast of mostly dudes, her miracle beauty goodies, and the next steps in her blossoming career.


Betty Confidential: What was it like working with a bunch of guys on 21 and Over?

Sarah Wright: Um, awesome! It was great; it was so fun. The guys were wonderful to work with, first of all. And I think they sort of kept getting sick of each other so when I would come to set, they would all be awesome and want to hang out and talk to me. They’d be like, “Oh, it’s so fun to have a girl on set!” Jon [Lucas] and Scott [Moore] are incredible directors and I seriously always say that if I could work with them on every project, I would be so happy. I just shot their pilot with them; they asked me to come and act in their pilot. It was just great to go back and work with them again and have that experience with the boys as well. Skylar [Astin] and Justin [Chon] are fantastic; they’re awesome at improv comedy and it was a blast to be able to work with them on set.

BC: That sounds like so much fun! Were there any on set pranks or jokes you could tell us about?

SW: Not really. No jokes, nothing too crazy. Skylar had accidentally run over Miles’ [Miles Teller] foot in the golf cart and he literally had to go to the hospital that night. That was a little thing that happened…at like 2 o’clock in the morning. We were sitting at the bonfire and yeah, it was just a crazy scene, man. They were driving really fast through all of these people and Miles’ pant leg got caught on the side of the golf cart and his leg got run over.  But he was fine. It wasn’t a prank, it wasn’t on purpose, it was just something wild that happened that night and we were all like, “I hope he’s okay.” But he was such a trooper about it.


BC: Now I have to ask: What did you do on your 21st birthday?

SW: Let’s see… I didn’t really have a crazy 21st birthday. I think we went out for sushi in Kentucky –which is very risky– with my parents and probably had a glass of wine or something. I started modeling when I was young and I was living in Japan when I was 16. I had my 17th birthday at this place called the Lexington Queen and partied that night there and ate soba noodles at 3 o’clock in the morning and took a train home at 6 a.m. to a not-good neighborhood of Tokyo. So I started out I think a bit younger and had some crazy birthdays before my 21st.. By the time I turned 21, I was like, “I don’t need to go out and party and be crazy, I can just order a glass of wine at a restaurant.”

BC: A lot of 21 and 22 year olds have just graduated college recently. Do you have any advice for them?

SW: Find the things that you’re passionate about, things that make you happy, and that’s the kind of thing you want to do with your life. If you’re happy with what you’re doing, you’re going to be happy in every aspect of your life, that’s for sure. I have some friends who went to school for something they weren’t sure about and then they became lawyers and then they didn’t want to be lawyers and then they wanted to find something else that they were passionate about. And I think when you have that it makes life so much sweeter. Make sure that you stay on track and remember the things that you had always wanted to do when you were young or things that were important to you.

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BC: I know you’re expecting a baby. Congratulations! That’s fantastic. How are you planning for that and is it going to shift the direction of your career at all?

SW: You know, I don’t think it’ll change my career too much. I have a lot of friends who have babies and work consistently and it’s not that big of a deal. I think it’s definitely going to change mine and my husband’s [Eric Christian Olsen] lives, the way that we do things or look at things. Even now, I shot a movie in my first trimester of pregnancy and I wasn’t telling anybody yet. But even then on set I kept thinking, “Oh my God I have this baby in my belly, this is so weird.” And it changes everything; your mind goes to it all the time and you’re always thinking about it. I know it’s going to be even more when he comes out. But I don’t think it’s going to change my career. It’s like any job: You keep going.


BC: Now speaking of work, you’ve been in a few movies and several TV shows. What can we expect to see you in next?

SW: I have a movie coming out in March called Walk of Shame with Elizabeth Banks and James Marsden and Gillian Jacobs. I play Elizabeth’s best friend in the movie. It’s a really fun, dry, kind of far-out-there character and it was a blast to shoot. [Director] Steve [Brill] is super open to improv and he was great about letting us play around together. It definitely made for a fun environment.

BC: Do you have a dream actor or actress you’d want to work with in the future?

SW: Oh gosh, I don’t know. Yeah, there’s a million people I’m a huge fan of, but of course I don’t know who’d I say specifically. But I would love to work with my husband again on something. We met doing a TV show together on FOX called The Loop. He’s on a show now for CBS called NCIS: L.A. We haven’t worked together since before we were dating and we’ve been together for seven years.  I think it’d be so fun to work with him again and do some comedic something with him. We’ll have to make that happen at some point.

BC: We cover a lot of style and beauty stories and I was just wondering if you have any favorite brands or favorite beauty products?

SW: I try to use all natural products, things that don’t have harsh chemicals in them. Stuff like that works better for my skin since it’s really sensitive. I use this makeup line called Jane Iredale. It’s a great, very clean makeup line. And I love the tarte lip stains and there’s this all-natural face wash and moisturizer that I love…I can’t remember the name –that’s pregnancy brain for you! Oh, and for any of the pregnant mamas out there, Earth Mama is an amazing line that’s all natural. Their products are fantastic and it’s probably one of my favorite things ever!

Diana Denza is BettyConfidential’s contributing editor.


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