Karl Lagerfeld: The Video Game?

Can you steal the glasses off of Karl Lagerfeld's face in the hilarious web-based game 'Je Veux les Lunettes de Karl?'

Karl Lagerfeld video game

How badly do you want Karl Lagerfeld’s sunglasses? Badly enough to steal them? Well, now’s your chance—in video game form!

According to WWD, the game, called Je Veux les Lunettes de Karl (“I Want Karl’s Glasses,” if my French isn’t too rusty), is a particularly clever bit of advertising for Karl’s new line of eyewear. Since Karl is pretty much never seen without his signature dark lenses in public (just what does he have under there, anyway? Is he actually Cyclops from The X-Men?), the goal is to steal the specs right off of a Tokidoki-style digital incarnation of the designer’s face. Check out the teaser video:

I managed to steal his specs four times in two minute; it gets harder the further you progress. In addition to some impressive acrobatics, Digital Karl can also block your attempts at sunglasses theft with an increasingly wacky array of tricks, including snapping a flashbulb in your face and smacking your hands away with a pair of fans. The funniest thing of all? Even if you DO snatch the specs from his face… he’s got another pair on right underneath the ones you stole. Because he’s Karl Lagerfeld, and that’s how he rolls.

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If you happen to live in France, winning the game can result in scoring some awesome prizes like free Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses or limited-edition Tokidoki figurines. Alas, there are no prizes for the rest of us; but we can still play the game purely for the joy of playing it. It’s a fun little diversion, so if you’re a fashion-loving Betty in need of a mid-day break, it’ll be right up your alley. You can play it either on your computer or on your smartphone; find it here.

Somewhat hilariously, this isn’t the first time Karl has been rendered as a video game character; he also made an appearance in the 2008 installment of the Grand Theft Auto (note to WWD: “Auto,” not “Audio!”) franchise, Grand Theft Auto IV, as the host of LIberty City’s K109 The Studio radio station. For the funnies, here’s the best of his radio show moments (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE. So, y’know, don’t listen to it at work without headphones on):

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s senior editor.

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