How to Make Your Own Love Rehab: A Q&A With ‘Love Rehab: A Novel in Twelve Steps’ Author Jo Piazza

'Love Rehab' author Jo Piazza dishes on her new novel, which celebs she'd send to Love Rehab, and more!
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Bachelor Sean Lowe

The latest ‘Bachelor,’ Sean Lowe.

BC: How much (if any) of yourself ended up in your narrator, Sophie? How about the other characters?

JP: I wasn’t sure if I was going to admit this but I absolutely nicknamed an ex-boyfriends new girlfriend Floozy McAssistant, which is dangerously close to Floozy McSecretary. I think that Sophie’s insecurities about relationships definitely came from the heart and were something I went through for a long time. Because that was so personal it was harder to write.

My high school boyfriend did record every episode of Beverly Hills 90210 on VHS. But he is not a fabulous gay.

BC: Excessive texting, Facebook stalking, pulling the goalie, drunken booty calls… What’s your own worst offense when it comes to bad breakup behavior? How did you curb yourself of the habit?

JP: Writing this book helped cure me of a lot of my bad relationship habits. Seeing everything in print you start to realize how crazy and unnecessary a lot of that behavior is. In order of what you listed I will say: Yes, Yes, No, Yes.

BC: One of your characters, Dave, is a serial womanizer (who eventually turns out to be a little surprising). Do you know a real-life Dave?

JP: Dave is a magical character for me. He has existed in the book since the first drafts. I knew he would piss off every woman who ever came in contact with him, but I never knew how to write his dialogue. I lived in Philadelphia for a year last year and dated a gentleman who would say the most outrageous things to women.  I started taking notes on our second date and pretty much everything that comes out of Dave’s mouth is some variation of something horrible he said. I was really grateful to him for it. He was less enthused, but I still think he gets a kick out of it.

BC: How about a real-life Suze, the ballsy love coach?

JP: Suze is completely made up, but I can’t stop picturing her as Jane Lynch!

BC: A Bachelor-esque show called The Husband features prominently in the story. What are your thoughts on the whole “let’s get married!” reality TV genre?

JP: I feel like I am intimately involved in the reality television marriage genre these days because I work at two magazines that run a Bachelor or Bachelorette story every week.

I am also a devoted fan and an avid participant in a Fantasy Bachelor bracket tournament. The shows are dangerous for single women because they are so completely contrived by the producers and they still manage to end in a proposal. It is just crazy to think of anyone deciding to spend the rest of their life with someone after going on eight dates with them.

BC: How about rom coms?

JP: While I will deride reality dating shows as completely contrived I am a complete hypocrite about rom coms. I know they are bad for us. I actually wrote all of the myths that they perpetuate in the book and then explained why they are do dangerous, but I am a rom com addict. I will watch any romantic comedy ever made.

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