Behind the Scenes: The Blonds Dish About What It’s Like to Design Tour Costumes for Ke$ha

Design duo The Blonds recently revealed what it's like collaborating with Ke$ha on her tour costumes. Sketches + more ahead!

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Given Ke$ha’s somewhat… uh… questionable track record when it comes to red carpet fashion, we kind of can’t help but wondering what it’s like to dress her for the stage. Good thing design duo The Blonds are on hand to tell us all about it!

Given that The Blonds were the masterminds behind Beyonce’s fake, sparkly boobs, it’s definitely not a surprise that they’re the ones who designed Ke$ha’s costumes for her current tour. They’ve actually been collaborating for a while now—they dressed her for an American Idol performance way back in 2010. Y’know, this one:

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It was love at first sequin, and they’ve been working together ever since.

About her current tour costumes, The Blonds recently told People, “It was a complete collaboration. We discussed textures, elements, and colors that have a connection with her personal tastes and the music in some way. The result was stunning.” The look seen up above was apparently inspired by geodes—those sparkling chunks of rock we used to take home from the science museum as souvenirs when we were kids:


Other looks include a cape with a lion motif and a bustier “inspired by the Sacred Heart and all-seeing third eye.” Said the designers, “The looks are incredible, especially live on stage. Working with Ke$ha is amazing, because we’re all obsessed with sparkle, on top of glitter, on top of more sparkle—and so is she!” They added, “The looks are all based on the essence of Ke$ha, with a new adventure in mind. A fabulous one!”

Essence of Ke$ha? Let’s hope she doesn’t get any ideas.

Anyhoo, head on over to People to see the lion cape and the third eye bustier—because you KNOW you want to.

Tell us: If “Essence of Ke$ha” were a fragrance, what would it smell like?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s senior editor.

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