Fashion File: 13 Fast Facts On Pop Duo Tegan and Sara’s Tomboy Style

Here are the deets you need to know about Tegan and Sara’s eclectic fashion sense.

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Things are looking up for Canadian twins Tegan and Sara Quin. Their seventh album, Heartthrob, has been garnering praise from critics and the mainstream attention it deserves. They’re both happily coupled –Tegan with photographer Lindsey Byrnes and Sara with former MTV employee Stacy Reader –and major fashion outlets like Glamour and Refinery29 have taken interest in their eclectic style, which is as lovable as their song lyrics. With that, here’s the scoop on their favorite brands, hair mishaps (involving rather unfortunate mullets), and what “older lady look” means.

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1. It took the swoon-worthy pair years to perfect their swept tresses. They’ve rocked everything from ponytails to mullets, with varying degrees of success.

2. Speaking of hair, Tegan told that when she and Sara were five years old, they wore their locks in waist-length ringlets. “It was frizzy and a big freaking mess”, she explained. Most of us can relate, right Bettys?

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3. Tegan has said that she would happily raid Justin Bieber’s closet. We can’t exactly say we’re surprised.

4. Like true pop/rock stars, the Quin twins understand the importance of a good leather jacket when on tour. And boots. And a nice pair of running shoes. “You want something easy to slip on and off,” Tegan explained in an interview.

5. As the big sister to twin girls, I remember them having identical dresses, shoes, and just about everything else. When Teen Vogue asked whether or not their mom followed in the footsteps of 90 percent of mamas to twins, Sara replied, “We were never necessarily drawn to what girls wore, and we were never necessarily drawn to what guys wore, we were sort of like in this ambiguous grey area in between, we were really sort of into gender neutral things, so there was usually only like one brown snowsuit, so we were like oh we’ll both have to get this one.” Who wants to bet they looked adorable?


6. Just when you thought they couldn’t get more endearing, Tegan recounted a dreaded first-day-of-school fashion blunder we’re all familiar with. She said, “We turned 12 and went into grade 7 and we came rushing home after the first day of school and we were like we’re nerds…help…and my mom’s like okay, we need to get you Doc Martens, we need to get you- you know GAP and you know Club Monaco were really cool. She was like, I told you guys when you were buying all those Mickey Mouse sweaters you weren’t going to be very cool, and that’s when we started paying attention to fashion.” At least it wasn’t tracksuits, Puma sneakers, and hoop earrings (aka things that should never be worn together).

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7. Back in the ‘90s, the 5’2, then 100 lb twins used to wear their brawny step-father’s size 34 “man jeans”. Tegan said, “and then just like long underwear with a Nirvana t-shirt over top and a flannel shirt and a sweater over top and Doc Martens and a giant army jacket with a hoodie underneath it. And we’d look at each other before class and be like, you look good.”

8. Tegan has described their oft-copied personal style choices as a bit of Cyndi Lauper mixed with “straight-up rocker fashion”.


9. Calling all Tegan and Sara style fans: Opening Ceremony, Rag & Bone, and ACNE are three of their go-to labels. Tegan also has a thing for a good pair of Doc Martens.

10. In a pinch, Sara is known to hit the women’s section at Nordstrom to replenish her stash of button-ups, so keep your eyes peeled as you shop!

11. Sara’s casual uniform consists of an oversized tee, tights, and a leather jacket. Easy, breezy, beautiful!

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12. In case you were wondering how Sara’s fondness for tights started, it was during a music video shoot. She explained, “Tegan had these pants hanging in her closet and I was like ‘These are awesome,’ and then when I grabbed them they were see-through tights with polka dots on them…So the stylist gave me these Spanx and I went into the bathroom and put these tights on and put the polka dot pants on. And all day long I was massaging my legs and touching my butt and I was like ‘This is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn.’ It feels like you’re wearing nothing. It’s so lovely. Anyways, so this has been my new thing.”

13. Last but not least, while Sara refers to twin Tegan’s style as “L.A. punk rock”, she says her own is more “older lady look” than anything else. “I just shop at where old ladies dress. I love the way that the shirts are cut,” she told Refinery29. Watch out, grandmas, ‘cause Sara’s comin’ for your duds.

Get Their Tomboy-Sleek Look:

Tegan and Sara Looks for less

Spanx polka dot tights ($28,, Dr. Martens 1490 W ($130,, Patricia faux leather-paneled jersey skinny pants ($99.50,, Pins and Needles colorblock tie-neck blouse ($19.99,, (Minus the) leather peplum seamed moto jacket ($118,, World’s Best-Dressed Boss blazer ($37.99,

Diana Denza is BettyConfidential’s contributing editor. 

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