Wasabi-chan a.k.a. the Cutest Kitten in Japan Will Make You a Cat Lady (if You Weren’t One Already)

Meet your fuzzy, four-legged, crochet-clad obsession. You’re welcome.

wasabi mushroom cat

The one time I dared to put a loose-fitting Santa suit on my cat (who has a white tuft of hair under his neck, by the way), he bolted from me for days –and that costumed look only lasted for a couple minutes. Enter Wasabi-chan, whose human momma regularly outfitted her in handmade crochet ensembles, and it was not purely for aesthetic purposes.

wasabi kitten green

The Internet’s latest fuzzy obsession dons the outfits for health reasons. Health reasons, you ask? Well, Wasabi-chan’s human mama discovered her in front of her home last month. The poor kitten was bleeding out of her mouth after a vicious crow attack and suffered a fractured upper jaw and split tongue. Before you start sobbing over your keyboard, you’ll be glad to know that she’s going to be just fine, and it’s all thanks to her mom’s fabulous handmade crochet outfits.

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BuzzFeed helpfully translated these tweets by Wasabi-chan’s mother from Japanese into English:

wasabi chan

@jessiepon: “Crows have eaten inside of the kitten’s mouth, to the point she can’t drink milk on her own. The vet had to insert a catheter directly into her stomach to feed the kitten. Her initial body weight: 210g.”

wasabi chan pink

 @jessiepon: “She tries to fight back whenever we feed her with the catheter, so Granny made her this outfit to make sure she eats. A “tarako” Wasabi. Tomorrow we’ll go to the clinic again!”

Like any other kitten (or human, for that matter), Wasabi-chan wasn’t exactly ecstatic about being fed through the catheter, and attempted to paw the tube away. According to the BuzzFeed article, this can “end up suffocating the kitten or hurting her throat/stomach.” The crochet outfits were vital in keeping her paws away from the catheter. Aww!

WASABI chan with bird

If you can’t get enough of the undeniably adorable Wasabi-chan (who could?!) and want to learn more about fostering or adopting a kitten or cat, click here. As a bona fide cat lady myself, I can tell you that if you have the means and patience to care for one, a rescue cat can change your life forever. And the hilarious antics are priceless.

Diana Denza is BettyConfidential’s contributing editor.

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