Think Pink! 6 Tips to Decorating Your Home With Pink (Plus a Ridiculously Glam DIY Project)

Who says you can't use pink in your home decor? These six tips will have you tickled... well, you know, in no time flat!

Pink home decor

When it comes to home décor, pink is a color that is used far less than every other color in the rainbow—and with good reason. First, we had I Dream of Jeannie and that velvet wraparound couch she had in her bottle. Then pink was repeatedly raked through the coals by Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole and Snooki in their own decorating schemes. Pink in the home became a joke.

Personally, though, I love the color pink and think when used properly—and sparingly, at times—it can enhance a space immeasurably by adding an unexpected and super flattering hue to your home. Don’t worry—I’m not trying to sell you on painting the house pink. I’m not even suggesting you give it a try because just because The Expert said so. If, though, you like the color pink, but aren’t really sure about how to use it at home, hear me out. These six tips will have you on your way to being tickled pink in no time!

 1. Think About the Big Picture

What is the overall look of your living space? Think about that for a moment and let those initial thoughts guide you. For example, an industrial loft would feel bizarre with lots of pink because it’s already got a more masculine, modern vibe. A glam girl’s office, however, is a perfect fit! Your starting point is really just about common sense. Do keep in mind, though, that oftentimes things that look amazing on Pinterest (pink patio furniture, for example) might not translate so well to your own home.

 2. When in Doubt… Less Is More

Whenever you’re working with strong or offbeat colors, it’s always best to start slowly. Like adding more sugar or salt to a recipe, once you go too far, it’s just a hot mess. Decorative accents, one wall of paint, pillows, or fabulous throws are perfect examples of how to get the ball rolling without going overboard.

 3. Add Shimmer, Sparkle or Shine

All shades of pink work beautifully with metallics. When used with silver, it feels modern and cool. If you pair it up with gold (my favorite), it feels luxurious and glamorous. A frame or two, a mirror, an accessory, and a can of gold Rustoleum can be your BFF here to doctor up existing pieces. Always remember: The hotter the pink, the more modern the vibe.

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 4. Use the Buddy System

Don’t go it alone! Pink works better when teamed up with another color. Pink and yellow, for example, is a beautiful combination; pink and beige—a color I typically do not use—is elegant; and my favorite combo, pink and navy blue, is feminine with a chic, stylish vibe—kind of like a better, preppier version of the colossally passé pink and green combination. Try it out—I’m sure you’ll love it!

 5. Deal Breakers

While I clearly love the use of pink, there are still areas one should never, ever go. For starters, pink and black is just tacky, awful, and way too reminiscent of Snooki and the pink zebra print bedding. Pink should probably never be used in a kitchen or a bathroom, but there are always exceptions when it’s done meticulously (and usually by a professional). I saw a fabulous pink front door on a home in Palm Springs, but I’m guessing the rest of us would have a lot of difficulty pulling that off.

 6. Find Inspiration from the Pros

Recently, I made over my daughter’s bedroom in pink, navy and gold. By using a combination of shades and textures as well as a mix of high-end and ridiculously affordable pieces, I think we managed to pull together a look that could work for almost anyone. You don’t want to miss how I DIY’d the IKEA furniture, either. Check it out here:

Oh, and just or the record, I think I Dream Of Jeannie’s wraparound couch was fabulous!

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21 thoughts on “Think Pink! 6 Tips to Decorating Your Home With Pink (Plus a Ridiculously Glam DIY Project)

  1. When it comes to decorating in pink I do agree that less is more. Often just a hint or pop of pink in unexpected places can really wake a room up! Thanks for an excellent post.

  2. Hey..!! Pink is my all time favorite. Recently we bought new apartment here in Canada and me and my husband are looking for new color scheme for our apartment and furniture as well. I really loved this post and I will definitely discuss this information with my husband.

  3. Very impressive,Pink is the cool color for Refreshing Spring Home Decor . I really like the concept of pink sofa with the tempting wall design .Thanks for sharing this wonderful post good source of inspiration!!

  4. Sierra says:

    Impressive post. I love to decorate my house in a unique way and pink and red color is most refreshing color for spring decor. You have given such a great tips for choose the pink color for our home. I have got new ideas for my next home decorations. Thanks

  5. It looks somewhat classical theme for me like the pink Victoria Theme. But this really suits to the interior that I can see here and I will try this at my home as well.

  6. Lauren Addis says:

    Wow..These designs look awesome!!! I am also very fan of pink color and that's why I decorate all the tings in my home by pink color. I just love this color. And thank you so much for sharing this unique post with great ideas for decoration.

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  8. I loved these pillows. I love the fabric and this pink color which is perfectly matching with the color of wall and these designs on the wall are looking fantastic. Good work..!!

  9. Yvonne says:

    OMG! i love pink! im really interested in the floral wall design, i should get that for my room!

  10. Click says:

    what a great home apartment about tips decorating

  11. Damon says:

    While decorating a room people thinks about color and theme but result will came nothing

  12. Elena Myers says:

    I love a home design that uses pink as the main theme. It's so fabulous. All six tips are great. Thanks!

    P.S.: That pink wallpaper is perfect!

  13. RV Coatings says:

    Pink color is always been the best option for girls room. No other color can be the best option rather then pink.

  14. Pink color is a source of attraction for many. It makes mind fresh and radiantly beautiful. It would be an
    excellent choice to prefer at home.

  15. lisaaxiu88 says:

    i love the pink home ornaments. They are so cute.

  16. Master says:

    It was really impressive published article. I do personally learn in the post and also I will share it to my friends later after reviewing. Really interesting post indeed. Thanks

  17. Personally, though, I love the color pink and think when used properly—and sparingly, at times—it can enhance a space immeasurably by adding an unexpected and super flattering hue to your home.

  18. @landrally says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. its really helps a lot.. Real estate Chennai

  19. When it involves decorating in pink I do agree that less is a lot of. usually simply a touch or pop of pink in surprising places will very wake an area up! Thanks for a superb post. For more information visit:

  20. Kristie says:

    Nice touch of pink – stylish. Most of all I like wallpaper. Thumbs Up!

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