Look Like an A-Lister: 11 Stars’ Best Beauty Secrets

Covet Christina Hendricks’ luscious red locks? Dream of achieving Jennifer Lawrence’s bloat-free bod? With these tips your favorite celebs swear by, you’ll be well on your way to looking red carpet chic!
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Jennifer Lawrence yellow dress8. Jennifer Lawrence:

If looks could kill, it’d take Jennifer Lawrence all of five seconds to win the Hunger Games (twice) and give President Snow the ending he deserves. Luckily for those who cross paths with the Girl On Fire, the only thing they’ll have to worry about is swooning. Trainer Dalton Wong spilled on how he gets JLaw red carpet ready:

She takes soothing and detoxing Epsom Salt baths:

“On Saturday I gave Jennifer some Epsom salts to bathe in which really helps to get rid of any bloating in the body before slipping into a red carpet dress, it’s a great trick that anyone can use if they’re working up to wearing a particularly clingy dress.”

Her Dandelion & Chamomile tea red carpet combo:

“Chamomile tea helps to calm the body and get rid of stress that could build up before an event like this, leading to bloating, the Dandelion tea is a brilliant diuretic so helps to prevent water retention and flush out toxins.”

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