Dynamite Dorm Room Décor Made Easy (AND for Under $1200!)

You can have a fab dorm room—or any other room—for less than $1200, all without leaving your home! Here’s how.


I spend a lot of time making over homes on camera. It’s all very fast and furious and edited down to a five minute whirlwind of “drab to fab” miracles. I realize, though, that more often than not, viewers are totally missing the meat and potatoes on how to really do it themselves.  Additionally, I know most of you are not designers. You might not be able to look at something for a nano-second and know exactly where to buy it, in what size and how much it’ll cost you—but I do. And I can definitely help you out

As we near the fall season (how’d that happen?), many of us are thinking about a new space. Whether your college days are long gone or whether you’re just getting ready to leave home for the first time, September always has the underlying vibe of the “new school year”: It’s time to get back to business and have a fresh start. So whether you’re looking to have the most fabulous dorm room ever or just want a bangin’ new space somewhere in your house, I put one together for you for about $1200. Not bad, right?

To make it even easier I bought everything online from one website: Overstock.com. Remember them? Yeah, well, they’re kind of fabulous now. They have thousands and thousands of options from almost as many vendors, and they’re suitable for every budget. But I wanted to show you exactly how to do it, right down to the shopping list.  All you need to do is start with white bedding. I couldn’t have made it any easier. Here you go!

Shopping List:

- Hand-hooked Alexa Moroccan Trellis wool rug ($311, overstock.com). The pattern is chic, but still kind of rustic-feeling thanks to its hand-hooked wool—AND it can stand up to lots of wear and tear!

- Pink gradient square oversized gallery wrapped canvas ($127, overstock.com). This “artist unknown” gallery-wrapped canvas is L-A-R-G-E, so it’ll cover a lot of awkward, empty wall space. However, it’s also modern and has a way more grown up vibe than a lot of canvases out there in the same price range. Love the ombre look, too!

- Altra ‘Parsons’ white laptop/writing desk ($69, overstock.com). I actually have this same exact desk in my own home! Why? It’s the perfect size (39” W x 20” D) for when you don’t need a ginormous executive desk, it’s clean and modern in style, and hello, $69!! #nobrainer

- Powder coated steel arm chairs ($99 for a set of two, overstock.com). These 100 percent steel arm chairs will be with you for a long, LONG time! The perfect combo of vintage and modern, they’re sold in sets of two and have a scratch-resistant powder coat finish. When you get tired of them as is, they could easily be painted. High gloss red, anyone?

- Maya 6-arm ceramic chandelier ($78, overstock.com). I’m a sucker for vintage items, but sometimes I want exactly what I’m looking for! This 6-arm chandelier is hand-painted ceramic—and you won’t have to troll through a smelly thrift shop to score it. The delicate look adds a slightly feminine and classic touch that will play off the other modern pieces in the space perfectly. That’s a great deal at under eighty bucks.

- WallPops ‘Flirt’ stripe decal pack ($52, overstock.com). These chic pink stripe decals will give you a pop of design that’s really hard to do on your own. This set includes four adhesive stripes that are easily removable—perfect for anyone in a starter pad!

- Safavieh Treasures ‘Dermot’ silver/glass top accent table ($178, overstock.com). Everyone should have some faux bamboo in their home. It adds instant old school glamour. This accent table is sophisticated and cool with classic Chinoiserie faux bamboo in silver-leafed forged iron.

- Moroccan triple gourd one-light navy table lamps ($209 for a set of two, overstock.com). Graphic and stylish, these triple gourd lamps with a Moroccan pattern work well with everything else in the room.

- Jiti Pillows ‘Rebel’ yellow window pillow ($59, overstock.com). Add this as your primary accent pillow on white bedding and you’re all set.

You’re done and you’re fabulous!

courtney_cachet_new_headshotYou can catch celebrity designer and style expert Courtney Cachet’s design tips, gift guides and easy entertaining ideas on NBC and Better TV, where she dishes out all the latest in all things fab for your home and lifestyle! Keep up with her at courtneycachet.com.

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  1. Natalie Diaz says:

    The way you have stored the things at home has made it look specious. I really appreciate your storing sense to get the things organized. Really loved to read the article.

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    Great I always love such posts thanks for sharing, :-)

  3. RV Coatings says:

    I haven't done with my shopping list yet but now going to prepare my own. Thanks for sharing such valuable info with us.

  4. These are great deals, actually. The pieces are all lovely and the price are worth it. Thanks for sharing their costs. Great list!

  5. yae min says:

    Thanks for your great design and tips for my living room

  6. Great photos you have shared. i like the white lamp. They are so cute.

  7. I am stunned by how great are your ideas. Buying everything online would save mush a lot of time. I wish i could do something like that one day in my home. Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful experience.

  8. Great ideas and wonderful post. Personally i feel the last photograph (two lamps) were the best. Very impressive decor ideas. Completely admirable..

  9. Great blog post. It’s useful information. Hope to see more posts soon!

  10. Mel Brandle says:

    I believe all college students should invest in some quality pieces of furniture while they spend their time in University. When they graduate and move to wherever it is, it’s somewhat nostalgic to take out that first bookcase or writing desk where you studied for that major examination on and remember what it was like to be in college.

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