Stealing Jokes from Tina Fey Is Not Unlike Stealing Candy from a Baby (That Is: What Sort of Monster DOES That?!)

Seriously, you guys -- who the heck steals jokes from Tina Fey? That's just mean!

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Seriously, you guys—who the heck steals jokes from Tina Fey?! I mean, I can understand the desire to do so—she’s one funny lady—but much like stealing candy from a baby, this is one impulse no one should ever actually act on. But alas, it happened! What’s a girl to do?

Okay, so in this case, yes, it’s probably more about what the jokes were ON than the jokes themselves. Here’s the deal:

Tina put in on appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman this week (looking, we might add, FANTASTIC while she was at it), during which she detailed the nefarious crime. You see, now that 30 Rock is over, Tina is developing a new show; while she’s working on it, she’s cut her staff down from 200 to about five and moved her offices from Long Island City in Queens back to Manhattan. But not even Tina Fey is immune to moving company scams, because while they were in the process of getting themselves settled in their new office, they got burglarized.

The first load of office equipment, furniture, and arrived without a hitch, but when the moving guys came back with a second load, they told Tina and her staff that they had to come downstairs to sign for the delivery (or something). While they were gone, she THINKS (and this is all speculation, but when Tina Fey speculates, we listen) that one of the moving guys stole one of the office laptops. The one that, unfortunately, had all of Tina’s ideas on it.


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They went to the cops about it, but as Tina says, it’s big city and generally the cops have bigger fish to fry than chasing after a dude who stole someone’s jokes. They do, at least, have a surveillance tape, though. And Tina brought it to Letterman. And then she and David showed it… to EVERYONE. Check it out—the surveillance video is at about the 3:40 mark:

Shame on you, moving guy! Shame, shame, shame!

In a perfect world, the thief would be a huge Tina Fey fan, and when he realized that the computer he had stolen had the seeds of her next project on it, he would return it unscathed. Alas, we do not live in a perfect world, and this will almost certainly not happen. But hey, we can dream, right?

At least the theft hasn’t stopped the new show from moving forward. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the as-yet-untitled comedy will take place at a women’s college that has just opened its doors to men for the first time and has just been picked up by Fox. Here’s hoping Fox doesn’t cancel prematurely it like they have all of the other wonderful shows they’ve ever had. (See: Firefly, Arrested Development, et al.)

Tell us: Will you be watching Tina’s latest show?

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