Jimmy Fallon Heads to Work With Baby Winnie Rose, Causes Many Ovaries to Explode

Little WInnie Rose accompanied Jimmy Fallon to work yesterday in New York -- and is this just the cutest picture of them or what? Awwww!

Jimmy Fallon Winnie Rose

Seriously—is this picture Jimmy Fallon with his briefcase in one hand and his new daughter, Winnie Rose, in the other the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen or what?

The Late Night host was spotted on his way to work on Thursday in New York; at just two and a half weeks old, little Winnie is already getting a glimpse of what Daddy does for a living. I wonder if she’ll be as hilarious as he is? Or will she take more after Mom, running the show from behind the scenes? Only time will tell!

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Winnie, by the way, is apparently an absolutely delightful baby; in a recent Late Night web exclusive on the show’s YouTube channel, he revealed that she never cries. Even the Fallon family dog, Gary, has been adjusting well to the new arrival. “Gary is super cute, totally protective, loves her,” Jimmy said. “This morning we were feeding her and Gary walked up and she was like, ‘I’m cool, don’t worry about me,’ and quickly looked over and licked her head. It was really cute because she smells so good and everyone would like to lick her head, but Gary gets away with it ’cause she’s a dog.”

I will let that one speak for itself.

Want more? Watch “Ask Jimmy: Baby Edition” here:

Happy Friday, Bettys!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s senior editor.

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