Hot Links! The Most Terrifying Kitchen Appliance We’ve Ever Seen

Plus: Wishing Karl Lagerfeld a very happy birthday, marveling over New York Fashion Week's first-ever plus-size show, and more!

Guy Fieri KitchenAid

New York Fashion Week had its first-ever plus-size show this week. It’s about time—and are these four looks from it to DIE for or what? (TheGloss)

We love KitchenAid mixers. We do NOT love this Guy Fieri-themed KitchenAid mixer. Yikes! (The Frisky)

For the curious, here’s what vibrators looked like in 1907. Fun! (HowAboutWe)

Fall is DEFINITELY the best season for dating. Why? Step right this way and we’ll tell you! (WeLoveDates)

Here’s what a real guy thinks of your Pinterest wedding. (Or, your daily dose of hilarity.) (POPSUGAR Love & Sex)

It’s football season! Why get a plain ol’ manicure when you could get a FANicure instead? (BeautyBloggingJunkie)

Can’t get enough of the flashy, trashy goodness that is Real Housewives? Then why not allow them to invade your bookshelf with these probably-terrible-but-addictive-all-the-same reads by Melissa Gorga, Brandi Glanville and more! (Bookish)

Sex and the City, we adore you—but you LIED to us about love. Curse you! (YourTango)

Don’t freak out about wrinkles and fine lines! We can help. (YouBeauty)

There’s a cocktail for every parenting disaster, from explosive poop to endless recitations of Goodnight, Moon. Promise. (The Daily Beast)

If you watch Thor backwards, it’s about a perfectly nice and very attractive man who repairs a bridge, visits Earth, and then becomes a huge douche. More backwards movies ahead! (The Berry)

Happy 80th birthday, Karl Lagerfeld! Let’s celebrate with some of his craziest old man quotes, shall we? (Oh, Karl. Never change.) (TheGloss)

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