25 Things About Mia Wasikowska

Here's everything you need to know about up-and-coming star Mia Wasikowska!
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25 Things About Mia Wasikowska

Here’s everything you need to know about up-and-coming star Mia Wasikowska!

-Lucia Peters


She may only be 21, but Mia Wasikowska has already established herself as one of the most promising young actors of her generation. She first came to America’s attention in last year’s crazy Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland; since then, she’s landed roles in such acclaimed films as Jane Eyre and The Kids Are All Right, and from all appearances, she has big, bright future ahead of her. Be sure to catch her new film Restless, directed by Gus Van Sant, out this Friday– but first, here’s a crash course in everything you need to know about Mia Wasikowska!

1) Mia is Australian by birth. She was born and raised in Canberra, one Australia’s eight capital cities.

2) She’s a middle child. Her younger brother is named Kai and her older sister is named Jess.

3) Art is in her blood. Her mother, Marzena, is a photographer, and her father, John, is a visual artist.

4) She goes by her mother’s last name. Mia’s mother was born in Poland and emigrated to Australia at the age of 12; Wasikowska is her name. Her father’s surname is Reid.

5) The name, by the way, is pronounced “Vash-i-kov-ska.”

6) She and her family lived in Poland for a year. When Mia was 8, her mother received a grant to produce a collection of photographs based on her experience as an émigré; the family moved to Sczecin, Poland while Marzena worked on her project. Sometimes, Mia and her siblings were even Marzena’s subjects.


Mia in Alice in Wonderland

7) Once upon a time, Mia dreamed of being a ballerina. She began training at the age of nine, hoping one day to go pro. By 13, she was dancing en pointe and training 35 hours a week, but at 14, an injury forced her to quit.

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8) It wasn’t all for nothing, though; she credits her dance training with toughening her up. And besides, if she hadn’t quit ballet, she never would have discovered her talent as an actor!

9) She’s quick to pick up accents. Mia has said that she often mimicked and imitated the people around her when she was a child, so she finds it easy to adopt different accents when she needs to.

10) She Googled her first agent: “When I decided to pursue acting at 15, I heard that you had to have an agent to do film and television, so I did a Google search for acting agencies in Sydney. I hounded one to take me on and started auditioning,” she’s said. Now that’s dedication!

11) She’s done her time on the Australian soaps. Every Australian actor has to have at least one on their resume! Mia’s first professional job was as part of a two-episode story on the television program All Saints.

12) Mia started young. She landed the All Saints job when she was 15; this was quickly followed up by her feature film debut in the Australian film Suburban Mayhem.

13) She has some serious follow-through. In her 2005 year book at school, Mia, aged 16, answered the question “Where do you see yourself in five years?” with, “A famous actor, making lots of money. Two years later, she and her mother had relocated to LA and Mia had landed a role on the HBO drama In Treatment with Gabriel Byrne.

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