3 Ways Men Piss Women Off … Without Even Realizing It

Do guys even get that these things drive us nuts?
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3 Ways Men Piss Women Off … Without Even Realizing It

Do guys even get that these things drive us nuts?

-Julia Austin

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We women are communicative beings. We LOVE book clubs. We make up the majority of the audience at talk shows. We write articles like this one. The point is, we like to dissect every word, behavior and look. That’s why when women fight, we require an hour and a few cups of tea (spiked or not) to work out our problems. Men usually just need time, and sometimes that time only adds up to a few minutes. Women need complete explication. And men often fail to give us that…

So, just to make things clear, and perhaps thus heading off a few fights, here are three things that most men do, having no idea it will drive their ladies crazy….

1. You’re A Man Of Few Words
I once asked a boyfriend if I could invite our friends to dinner. While popping a zit and never turning from the mirror he said “no.” And that was it. And I was pissed. Let me explain:

Women want to feel like you care where we are coming from. We want you to be inside of our heads. I know, we ask a lot. When my boyfriend answered “no” this is where my mind went: “does he not like those friends? Is he attracted to the other girl and it makes it weird for him? Are those friends dead and he just doesn’t want to tell me!?” (Just kidding about that last one—we’re not that crazy)

You know women over think things; so just ease our ever-buzzing minds and provide an explanation. If you’re going to cancel on us, or make a decision regarding our plans, or scoot over one inch on the couch … we want to know why. It shows us that you care.

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2. She Feels Like Your Last Resort

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4 thoughts on “3 Ways Men Piss Women Off … Without Even Realizing It

  1. If guy says, “No” and that’s not enough of an answer, ask him why. Simple as that. Plan ahead – yeah that’s a good idea, but if you don’t know till the last minute, please call anyhow. Sex – that’s always good. Can’t have enough of it. Makes me feel ever so much closer to my guy.

  2. Julia hits the nail on the head with this article. So many men are clueless about what annoys us and what doesn’t. And they don’t pick up on subtle hints, so don’t even bother trying that tactic.

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