4 Fantastically Sexy Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Guy

Who says you have to lose your mind figuring out a gift or give up the content of your wallet for a memorable Valentine's Day Gift? We have killer ideas that'll cost you next to nothing!

4 Fantastically Sexy Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Guy

Who says you have to lose your mind figuring out a gift or give up the content of your wallet for a memorable Valentine’s Day Gift? We have killer ideas that’ll cost you next to nothing!

-Gianine Nelson

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Well ladies, Valentine’s Day is almost here. If you are anything like me, you probably spent the past couple of weeks thinking about all of the things you would like your man to bestow upon you on this glorious day. You know, the “little things” that would make your heart skip a beat. Flowers, diamonds, and chocolates (did I mention diamonds?) can cloud any girl’s mind. Given your preoccupied mind, you now find yourself down-to-the-wire when it comes to picking out something special for him to show your adoration. Before you run out and grab those cheesy go-to gifts of silk boxers adorned with red kisses and or a stuffed devil that has the ever so personal sentiment “You’re too hot to handle” stitched on its stomach, please consider trying out one of my last minute gift ideas for the Valentine in your life. I know that the majority of them involve sex, but it is important to remember that sometimes cupid’s arrow must point south.

1. Be a sexed up Rachel Ray for the day!

Men are pretty simple to please and there isn’t anything much simpler than just cooking up a slamming good meal for him on V Day. Now, I know you want to get all fancied up and make him take you to the new overpriced French restaurant in town, but just think of how happy your guy would if he came home to see you grilling up for him a big, juicy steak wearing nothing but an apron and a smile. Throw in a purchase of his favorite team’s sporting event on pay per view, and you will have created the perfect Valentine’s Day night for him! Nothing says I love you more than feeding his stomach and his fantasies.

2. Give him bragging rights

It is no surprise that shows like American Pickers and Pawn Stars are favorites of the male population. Getting something that is original, whether a part of American history or some foreign ancient artifact (a nice coat of rust would be an added bonus!) would make any man’s Valentine’s Day extra special. What would make it even better is if you connected a story from his past with the item. I bought my boyfriend an old poster from a concert that his grandfather took him to when he was a kid. He actually teared up when he opened it, which was quite an accomplishment in itself since the only time I saw him cry was when Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men. Now you may think this gift would take a lot of time, but all you have to do is go to any antique shop, garage sale or flea market to find a collectable your man will cherish and most importantly, make him cherish you even more for being the one that gave it to him.

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3. Bring back the quickie

Never underestimate the power of the quickie. Men love it when we need to have them right then and there, no matter if we are in the middle of getting our taxes done or painting the kitchen. This Valentine’s day give him the gift of spontaneity by showing him you are still the exciting hottie who gave him a little “sompin’-sompin’” in the bathroom of PF Chang’s on your second date (Well, in my case it was the first, but I will save that story for another time). Meet him for his lunch break wearing nothing but a trench and heels. Bring some sandwiches for after your 15 minute rendezvous. You will need them because you both will be starved after you steam up the car windows at the most secluded place you can find. This last minute gift will make him wish it was Valentine’s Day every day!

4. Make him feel like a kid in a candy store

This is the last and the easiest of my last minute V-day gift ideas. There are a lot of Momma’s boys out there and, since most of us do not have the patience it would take to master Mom’s award winning apple pie recipe, we can do the next best thing: We can rekindle those childhood memories by creating a grab-bag of his favorite candy. To make it more personal (and, oddly enough, more R-rated), attach a hand written note informing him of the top five naughty acts you would like to perform on him that night. Trust me; he will be gnawing on his Charleston Chews with extreme delight reading about all the tantalizing acts he has to look forward to. For the tamer women out there, you can still do the candy grab bag, but instead of the naughty list, you can make one stating the top five things you love about him. Either way, it’s a win-win situation: His ego will be boosted and his sweet tooth completely satisfied.

There it is ladies! I hope this helps those of you who are stuck in a V-day gift idea rut. If not, please remember to heed the following advice: No matter how tempting, steer away from anything that giggles when you squeeze it and underwear that is packaged in a plastic heart container that requires dry cleaning; this way, no matter what you end up purchasing at the end of the day, you should be just fine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

In a previous life, Gianine Nelson was a college student studying nutrition and working in the medical field. After spending time contemplating the human condition, she decided her addiction to donuts and writing about the crazy world of dating was her true passion.

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