4 Things Women Do That Men Will Never Understand

TV shows we obsess over, the joys of Pinterest, the need for chocolate...these are things that boggle a guy's mind.
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4 Things Women Do That Men Will Never Understand

TV shows we obsess over, the joys of Pinterest, the need for chocolate…these are things that boggle a guy’s mind.

-Elizabeth Marie

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Communication and understanding are crucial in relationships. However, some things just can’t be explained…to a man. Here are the four things women do that men will just never understand.

1. Have PMS.

Lets break it down. EVERY month like clockwork certain things happen. And every month you’re surprised. You can’t understand what it’s like to have your body and mind taken over by an overly emotional, starving devil woman with a sweet tooth, so just call me on the 15th of every month and don’t worry, I’ll let you know. I’m fairly certain many men think PMS is some mystical party trick we bust out when we’re feeling especially feisty…or hungry. As shocking as many men might find this, women don’t like the joy ride our hormones take us on once a month and we don’t understand it that much either! We don’t have any idea why we burst into tears when you said, “You look nice” or called you an a-hole when you brought us breakfast in bed (egg whites? are you trying to tell me something? I’m fat, right?), but what we do know is that it doesn’t last forever. Pro tip: If a woman is PMS-EY (medical term) more often than she’s not, it’s not hormones. If it is just a once a month thing, be grateful! You dodged a bullet, bro! Now give us a snickers and a hug.

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2. Watch The Bachelorette.

I wonder how many men in America are being forced to spend two hours every Monday night watching Emily say, “I’m so excited” and make-out with guy after guy. My boyfriend watches it every week, meaning that he sits next to me reading Lakers news, occasionally making fun of the guys on the show. ”Jef…with one ‘F’?” He also asks such riveting questions as, “Do any of these people actually get married and stay together?” or “You do know this is totally scripted, right?” First of all, YES! Trista and Ryan got married on T.V…umm…oh and Jason and Molly. So that’s something. As for it being scripted and fake, of course it is. Women know that. We just don’t care. Here’s the secret–we aren’t watching it because we think it’s real. Quite the opposite–it’s such a departure from real life that we enjoy zoning out in front of the TV, watching a pretty lil’ thing with a great wardrobe stylist fall in “love” in exotic locations, laughing at the cat fights and taking bets on who won’t get a rose. We do this all the while knowing that real, true love is messy-true love takes more than a few fantasy dates to develop, and we feel pretty grateful that the guy on the couch next to us doesn’t have 19 other girlfriends.

The other top two things that guys just don’t get about us, next!

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