No Plans? 5 Dates to Take Yourself On This Valentine’s Day

Who needs a man when there are plenty of fun things you can do solo on Valentine's Day?
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5 Dates to Take Yourself On This Valentine’s Day

Who needs a man when there are plenty of fun things you can do solo?

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Cupid’s aim may have missed you this year, but there is no dodging the inevitable February 14th arrow. Regardless if you call it Valentine’s Day, Single Awareness Day or declare it “Take Off Work to Avoid Co-Workers Getting Flowers” day – the 24-hour span of roses, candles, and dinners is well on its way.

As a lady flying solo, it can be easy to turn bitter when a lack of chocolates (the ones from your mom don’t count) leaves you without a sweet aftertaste. But, instead of drowning yourself in wine alone at home or attending every anti-Valentine’s Day party, think of a different approach.

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Why not celebrate “me” even if you’re not part of a “we”? (Actually, you are – if all of the single ladies are in fact, sans man, we’re at least all battling the dating trenches together).

Here are some single Betty Valentine’s Day approved dates to take yourself on:

Date #1: Dinner and a movie
You don’t want to sit in a dimly lit restaurant with couples “oohing” and “aahing,” violins playing, and a proposal in the works a few tables over. But, what’s wrong with digging into something greasy and meaty? Treat yourself to a dish you usually keep away from your diet and top it off with a movie you’ve been dying to see. If it happens to be a romantic comedy, laugh at how easy it is to predict the ending – when in life, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Date #2: Take a walk to remember
Sometimes a gal’s best friend isn’t a puppy or a man who acts like a dog, but the city she loves the most. Maybe you aren’t living in your ideal location, but somewhere in your town is a road, a place, a smell, a memory that brings you incredible joy. This V-day, map out a new route to love and let the lights and sights be your guide.

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  1. a_marie says:

    im too scared to watch a movie alone!

  2. I like the Date #2: Take a walk to remember.

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