5 Denim Blogs We Love

Jeans never go out of style.

5 Fave Denim Blogs

Jeans never go out of style.

-Brooke Sager

Zac Efron

Everyone wears denim. From boot cut to skinny, light wash to dark, distressed to embellished—the list goes on! These five amazing blogs will have you loving jeans in a whole new way. Just try not to drool when you see Zac Efron in his Diesels. 

1. Denim Blog

Denim Blog

“Designer denim served daily” is this blog’s tagline. Lorna, editor and jean junkie, provides extensive reviews on today’s hottest denim. Read tons of interviews with top designers. And see what denim threads the celebs are rocking. (Penn Badgley in his 7s? Yum!)

2. Denim Therapy

Denim Therapy

The best medicine for denim addicts. Here, you get the spectrum of designer and affordable denim. Scope the sample sales. Or have a go at the DIY design tips. We love how they feature unique denim items like corsets, and even a denim upholstered car!

3. IndiDenim Blog

IndiDenim Blog

Indidenim.com lets you design your own jeans—and now they have a blog that tells you how to wear them! What are the best jeans for travel? The hottest back to school denim styles? Can everyone rock the high- waisted trend? Check out their answers!

 Read Win It: B. Makowsky Varick Satchel

4. Eat, Sleep, Denim

Eat, Sleep, Denim

Jennine explores different ways to approach everyone’s favorite classic. Pick up tips on buying trendy denim. Even ways to wear the unthinkable—the Double Denim (jeans and jacket) look! The site is brimming with gorgeous photos so your eyes won’t get bored.

5. Denim Debutante

Denim Debutante

The hub for the everyday jeans wearer. Jaime, the Denim Debutante herself, writes fun, informative reviews on the latest denim fashions. Get sizing info, the inside scoop on sales, and other news in the jean world. Find out how to enter the Paige Denim Model Contest!

Brooke Sager is BettyConfidential’s multi-talented, fabulous intern.

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13 thoughts on “5 Denim Blogs We Love

  1. According to Alexa, Denimology is higher ranking blog. On Alexa, the smaller the number the better

    Denimology is kicking denimblog by 7957 views in the last 3 months

    by 2507 in the last month

    and by 644 views in the last week.

    Being that I work at Denimology, we are sad to have not made your list but you’ve compiled a great list of wonderful denim devoted sites. Hopefully we get to make your list next time.

  2. Just so you know, Alexa’s stats are completely wrong. We go by Google Analytics and we had over 2.5 million page views last month and just over 300,000 unique visits last month also. Alexa’s stats are not even close to being correct. I think we get different traffic, you have a store search as well which is a great feature so a lot of your traffic goes to that too 🙂 Thank you for voting us number 1 Betty Confidential 🙂 All of the blogs about denim are great and each of them are unique.

  3. Denim Debutante is definitely my favorite. I like that she keeps the celeb shots on a different tab, so as not to clutter up the main page with what celebs are wearing. And her sizing advice is really uselful. Eat, Sleep, Denim is my second favorite.

  4. I guess you don’t care if your favorite blog can spell or not. I hate reading denimblog. ESPECIALLY Lorna’s post. She writes like an 11 year old. “I really like these jeans, they are great”.

    That’s what the EDITOR is writing? The editor of denimblog can’t even spell. BLAH, BLAH. BORE me to death.

    Then her denim reviews. She is SO stuck on herself. I hate her stupid little smirk and how she tries to hide her acne with her hair. You are not cute! So STOP Trying!

    If they got a real editor that blog would go far but as it is right now, that girl is lucky she’s riding the blog owners coat tails.

    Go back to school and LEARN how to write. Did she drop out of school in the fifth grade or is the education system in England that awful?

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