5 Healthy Secrets to Sexy Skin

The weather outside may be frightful, but your skin can be delightful!

5 Healthy Secrets to Sexy Skin

The weather outside may be frightful, but your skin can be delightful!

-Heather Taylor

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Once upon a time, I didn’t live where I currently reside, sunny Los Angeles. I grew up in the Midwest, where the winters were long, the snow was slushy, and my skin was DRY. I remember being so jealous of West Coasters — they had the sun all year round which meant (according to my brilliant logic in high school) everyone had a fab complexion!

While that logic definitely failed me when I did make the move to the city of angels, what didn’t were some practical and healthy tips I picked up on how to keep skin sexy, smooth, and glowing in the winter, no matter what coast you live on!

1. Get your veggie on!
Lady Gaga swears by her spinach for her healthy glow but I swear by carotenoids. These are antioxidants found in red, orange, and yellow produce that work to keep skin clear. Not into eating raw veggies or cooked ones? Drink ‘em up instead with a healthy vegetable juice! And while you’re grabbing a bottle of juice, don’t forget to also drink plenty of water. Water never fails you, no matter what season it is. Hydration is your friend.

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2. Throw out your old beauty products after a year.
Those babies can develop bacteria without you realizing it. Inside of those little tubes, if not used after a year, entire micro-organism communities can build up – ick!

3. Beauty sleep!
It feels great AND it keeps you energized throughout the entire day. Before going to bed, skip a hot shower, which will dry out your skin, in favor of a warm bath with lavender and chamomile for extra relaxation. Wear an antioxidant-rich night cream too. While you sleep your skin is working to reverse the damages it has seen throughout the day and to keep from having wrinkles and lines appear too early on.

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4. Get busy — and we don’t mean at work.
Once again, we have more skincare secrets courtesy of Lady Gaga, who recently told Elle magazine that she credits her gorgeous skin with lots of the big O. The girl is on the money with this one — according to LiveStrong.com, those oohs and ahhs can actually stop you from craving junk food and cigarettes, which are both definite don’ts when it comes to having and keeping a healthy complexion. A little nookie also improves your blood circulation (which makes your skin glow), balances your hormone levels (thus controlling acne) and boost collagen production. Win, win, win and win!

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5. Don’t wear more than 3 to 4 makeup products on your face — it’ll clog your pores!
I know this one is a tough rule to stick with during the holiday season when you’re out and about, but remember some of those late nights might make you too tired to wash your face before bed and then you’ll be treated to all your sticky makeup on the pillowcase the morning after. Stick to the basics, highlight your best features and always be sure to gently wash it all off after!

Tell us: What’s your biggest winter skin complaint?

Heather Taylor is BettyConfidential’s LA correspondent.

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