5 Hot Tips for Couples to Heat Up Your Sex Life (With Gifs!): The Sex-Periment, Part 2

Need to re-ignite the spark? Here are five tips you'll love trying out! Sponsored by Durex.


There’s something ironic about getting married or being in a long-term relationship: after a while, even though you’re hardly ever alone, you might end up having less sex than your dating friends! If you recall, I signed up to take on the Durex “Get Closer” challenge  a little while ago. The basic mission? To go from:





… despite the never-ending distraction of kids, work, house, errands, chores, kids, work, house, errands, chores, kids … you get the idea!

To recap: To get started, Durex sent me their “Play Together, Stay Together toolkit,” which was jam-packed with a plethora of fun products, including a Durex vibrator (I didn’t even know they made them!), lubricant, and condoms, as well as a few other items to help inspire closeness: A mixology kit, a love notes kit, body chocolate, a Restaurant.com gift card, a  SpaFinder.com gift card, and sexy little truth or dare type game.

After some in depth investigation (ha!) I can report back that the getting closer mission has been accomplished — or, at least, it’s getting there!! Based on my recent experience, here are some tips for YOU to heat up your own sexy time with your love:


Try this:


to get this:


Yes, that’s right. Get your flirt on, girl! Remember how you used to be able to pull guys in bars like nobody’s business? and / or remember how you snagged that first date with the man whose socks you now pick up off the floor, all those years ago? Hearken back to that exciting time of your early days together, and channel your inner flirty vixen! Send him a saucy text in the middle of the day, wear something spicy under your weekend brunch clothes, stick a sexy note in his work bag, whisper a sweet nothing in his ear at the movies…. the possibilities are endless! I was amazed at how a few little maneuvers like this worked wonders on my husband — and on myself!

For more fun tips, check out the Durex “Sparks” tips on flirting and heating.

2. Go on a gosh-darned DATE already. No excuses!! Don’t want to splurge on a babysitter plus the cost of going out? Swap nights out with friends with kids! Or take a sick day at work, and have a day date while your kids are in school! YOU NEED SOME ALONE TIME.

I had the advantage of a restaurant gift card from my Durex kit, but dates don’t have to be expensive. And even if they are — they’re worth it. Go somewhere you don’t usually go, take some extra time getting ready, wear something that makes you feel sexy … remember, like, dating?!

Even a movie is fun!


and can lead to small-screen action:


3. Have a midnight date at home. Remember sneaking around while your boyfriend’s parents were upstairs asleep? The need to be quiet, the thrill of potentially getting caught, the sparks ignited by the illicitness? You can recreate some of that same old fun, right in your own house, while your KIDS ARE SLEEPING UPSTAIRS! Mwahahahaha! Even better: make it a surprise date — stock up before hand with the mixings of some delish cocktails and treats (strawberries and whipped cream, perhaps?), then whisper to your man around dinner time that you have a fun surprise waiting for him later that night!


4. Spend some “ME” time — together. In my kit were two SpaFinder gift certificates, which meant an afternoon at a local spa for my hubby and me (while our kids were indeed, in school). He got a massage; I got a facial — we didn’t even do a couples massage because I didn’t want a massage gosh darn it, but the act of just taking some time together to pamper ourselves and relax was priceless. It was like we had a little moment to just pause, and “BE” and remember who we were — to ourselves and to each other. You don’t have to go to a spa for something like this … a yoga class, or a long stroll together in the park, or even a day playing hooky and watching movies in bed would do the trick!

Why do this?


5. PLAY together. Toys and games are not just for kids — in fact some of them are expressly NOT for kids! You don’t have to go all 50 Shades of Grey (unless you want to!) — experimenting in the bedroom can mean anything from a vibrator to a sexy truth or dare game to edible massage lotion. What are you going to try first?

Are you inspired?

This post is sponsored by the Durex “Get Closer” challenge.

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