5 Tips on How to Get Rid of Dating Site Stalkers

Yes, your mom said you should be nice to everyone, even the weird guys, right? But for your personal safety, ignore mom's advice when it comes to Internet dating.
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5 Tips on How to Get Rid of Dating Site Stalkers

Yes, your mom said you should be nice to everyone, even the weird guys, right? But for your personal safety, ignore mom’s advice when it comes to Internet dating.

-Elizabeth Marie

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When you’re online dating, it doesn’t take long to realize one very important thing: There are some wildly annoying people on the internet. There are profiles written in all caps so it seems like they’re yelling at you. There are profiles where the photos are cringe-worthy, or the guys seem to want something that doesn’t exist. And then there are the guys who just won’t leave you alone: They overwhelm you with requests for online chats and more.

These are the people who ignore every piece of online dating advice known to man, and spend their time sending emails that say charming things like “Um, why didn’t you write me back?” or they’ll email you a note that says, “I saw you that looked at my photo, but you didn’t reply.” Maybe you notice that every single time you happen to sign online, they do too…what a coincidence, except it’s totally not. Things quickly go from flattering to freaky, FAST. These guys can take the fun out of online dating, and it seems like it’s impossible to escape them. While you might not be able to rid your life or inbox of online dating stalkers completely, there are some ways to handle them so they don’t keep using you as their digital punching bag.

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1. Do not engage the beast.

Remember when you were in junior high, and some silly boy in your class used to be a little jerk to you on the regular, and when you’d go home upset, your mom would tell you, “Well, he likes you.” Awesome advice mom, thanks. I mean, how confusing was that? Well, it’s still confusing, and unfortunately some men have never matured past 7th grade. The thing is though, this is adult swim, not the kiddie pool. You no longer need to put up with little Johnny making you feel like crap. At the root of it all, these guys crave one thing…attention, and they don’t care if it’s positive or negative.

Because you’re a nice girl with manners, your initial reaction to the third or fourth aggressive email from the same person that says “Why didn’t you write me back?” is to respond with a friendly, apologetic email of your own, explaining why you don’t think that you are a perfect match, and wish him luck on his search for love. You might think this will be the end of it. Unfortunately, by giving the guy what he wants (attention) he’s only going to keep coming back for more.

The cardinal rule of online dating is that if someone doesn’t respond, they are not interested. Boom. done. We know it, you know it and he knows it. This kind of guy doesn’t want to date you, he wants to annoy the hell out of you and since he’s hiding behind the safety of his computer screen, he feels like it’s his every right.

Keep ingoring him and he’ll eventually go away, If not, use step two or use step two anyway!

2. Blocking is not just for football.

Never be afraid to block anyone who is being aggressive or annoying online. Dating sites never tell anyone that they’ve been blocked, so you’re safe from any reprisals.

The beauty of it is that the annoying guy will have zero idea that you’ve blocked him. He’ll waste his time writing stupid emails and you, you’ll be out on fabulous dates.

How to be invisible and more up next!

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