5 Ways a Bad Relationship Can Make You Sick

Fighting with your partner, stressing over where the relationship is going and more can affect your health.
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5 Ways a Bad Relationship Can Make You Sick

Fighting with your partner, stressing over where the relationship is going and more can affect your health.

-Marcelina Hardy

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If you’re constantly arguing with your boyfriend, you may be hurting yourself much more than you think. While you may feel the emotional pain from all of the battles you have with him, what you may not have realized is how all the arguing is affecting your physical health.

The Effects of a Bad Relationship on Health

Feeling sick after a fight with your man isn’t anything new, and it’s a perfectly normal reaction. Starting to feel sick every day or more often than you normally do is not so normal. Before you decide to stay in a relationship because “it’s not that bad,” consider how it could really be affecting you.

1. Lowers the immune system

Dealing with your boyfriend’s antics causes stress. When you’re under stress, your body believes there is a threat that it needs to take care of, and it will rev up to prepare itself to either fight or flee the situation. After a while, your body will become tired from always being on edge. This exhaustion affects your immune system. When your immune system isn’t functioning at its optimal level, it can’t ward off germs, which then makes you vulnerable to colds and the flu.

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2. Increases risk for high blood pressure

When you’re stressed, your body’s blood pressure rises because your heart starts pumping blood faster through your veins to give you energy to deal with that perceived threat. After your blood pressure remains high for a while, it can remain that way. In other words, your high blood pressure becomes chronic. So, yes, your relationship problems could lead you to suffering from high blood pressure.

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6 thoughts on “5 Ways a Bad Relationship Can Make You Sick

  1. Hi,Feeling on edge about close relationships could make you fall sick by harming your immune system.Not just does nervousness seem to raise levels of anxiety hormones in the body,it additionally makes it less compelling at battling off ailment.We very frequently disregard taking care of ourselves in a relationship.I concur, we deal with others first!At that point,when the relationship closes (in light of the fact that nobody can be that dismissed for that long!),we can winding into depression and find our health is,best case scenario,crooked!While a decent relationship fills us with bliss and extravagance forever,when things happen,we end up exhausted of vitality,over-focused on and out and out debilitated!Much appreciated,I delighted in the read!
    ~Sarah Clark.

  2. Amazing information. This is new for me. I used to think that A bad relationship can spoil our personal and profession life; but after reading this post I have come to know that it can ruin our health. Thanks for sharing.

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