5 Ways to Heat Up Your Love Life This Winter

Who says sex is just for summer?

5 Ways to Heat Up Your Love Life This Winter

Who says sex is just for summer?

-Dana B. Myers

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Oooh, these dreary winter months, the short cold days, the long dark nights … it can be tempting to put on a pair of old flannel pajamas and call it a night — for 90 days straight! We talked to Dana B. Myers, sexy lifestyle expert and the founder of Booty Parlor to get some ideas for heating things up so you can bring back the summer heat to sizzle up your sex life.

1. Cook with Aphrodisiacs

Staying inside during the winter months means more home cooking! Pick a night every week to cook together using aphrodisiacs – ingredients that inspire desire. Use figs, almonds, oysters, truffle oil, honey, pomegranate, and ginger. As you cook, ignite the senses by taking in the aromas and spoon-feeding one another. Then, start your foreplay off at the dinner table with dessert. Dip sensual fruits in melted chocolate and place them in your lover’s mouth. Let the decadent experience lead to chocolate-y kisses, which should lead you right into the bedroom!

2. Bundle Up & Play!

Winter snowstorms bring endless opportunities to reconnect with your lover through some good, old-fashioned outdoor fun. Bundle up and go sledding together! The silliness of sliding down hills tandem will make you laugh, and holding onto each other for dear life will bring you closer. Sip hot cocoa après sled and give each other chocolate-y kisses in between sips. Intimacy isn’t just about sex, but about experiencing life’s simple joys, together. And when you do that, you’ll find that your love will increase and your libido too…

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3. Stage a Girls’ Night

Your lover isn’t the only one you should be sharing your desires with. Invite your besties over, light a fire, spike up a wintry punch and engage in a frisky, honest sex chat with your gal pals. Talking about sex with your girlfriends keeps you mentally focused on your Mojo (especially during those un-sexy snow shoveling sessions). Share triumphs, tribulations and lots of seductive tips and tricks, all of which will give you some sexy ammo for upcoming sessions with your partner! Plus, the practice of chatting with your girls will help you feel bolder and more confident to spice up your frisky bedroom business with some dirty talk.

4. Play Dress Up

Think it’s too cold to wear your sexy, tiny skivvies? Just rethink your lingerie choices and become a sexy snow bunny your man simply can’t resist. Think soft, skin-tight sweaters that scream “touch me!” and cozy, knit thigh-high tights to keep your legs warm. Or, take it one step further and get into character, literally. Putting on a sexy costume is a playful way to let loose and explore a different side of your sex life. For winter, try a sexy Santa’s elf, a vixen-y Viking princess, or simply tie a bow around yourself and play the “present.” When he sees you dressed up, your guy will think he just walked into his own personal Winter Wonderland. Continuing to explore lingerie during the winter months shows your man that you care, and he’ll likely reciprocate with his efforts too!

5. Get Your Flirt On!

Dress up in a cozy, snug sweater and head to your favorite bar together. Peel off some layers, reveal a hint of skin and get flirty with each other! Slide your hand into his back pocket. Twirl your hair while you talk. Nibble on your lips, cross and uncross your legs. It may be freezing outside, but you can turn up the heat with some simple flirting techniques. Flirting within your relationship builds intimacy and revs up romance. We all crave that feeling of being desired by our partners – it’s human nature! When we feel wanted, we want to spend more time snuggling, kissing and getting frisky. And that’s a result for both parties!

Dana B. MeyersAs Founder of Booty Parlor, the sexy confidence, beauty, and lifestyle brand, Dana B. Myers has changed the lives thousands of women, from A-List celebrities to stay-at-home moms, by inspiring them to boost their sexy self-confidence and create sexier, more satisfying experiences, inside and outside of the bedroom. She is also the author of The Official Booty Parlor Mojo Makeover: 4 Weeks To A Sexier You (HarperCollins).

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