7 Foods You Can Use to Lose Weight

Jackie Newgent, RD offers tips on which foods promote weight loss.
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7 Foods You Can Use to Lose Weight

Who knew you could eat pizza and chocolate and still lose weight?

Jackie Newgent, RD

Eliminate this! Avoid that! Way too often weight-loss diets seem to revolve around these temporary tactics. But some foods can help you peel off the pounds by eating them rather than deleting them. Incorporate these sumptuous “loser” foods into your cuisine to help you win at losing.

Eggs1. Eggs
Get cracking! New findings from a University of Connecticut study will have you dropping that doughy bagel for good and picking up a plate of eggs. The study concluded that choosing eggs for breakfast can help adults manage hunger while reducing calorie consumption throughout the day. And findings from a University of Kansas Medical Center study suggest that teens are less hungry and eat fewer calories at lunch when they choose a protein-rich breakfast. In fact, the protein-rich egg is the original perfectly-portioned food at just 75 calories a pop – including the yolk.

Tip: Always eat breakfast. Try this one on for size. Prepare one organic egg over-easy in 1/2 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil and season to taste. Serve on a slice of whole grain toast, top with fresh baby arugula, and squirt with fresh lemon juice. 200 calories. (1 egg = 75 calories.)

2. Pistachios
It’s OK to be a little nutty. Nut eaters tend to have lower body-fat levels. But not all nuts are created equal. One of the best picks: pistachios. Call them the “skinny nuts.” Pistachios have a significant amount of protein, healthy fat and dietary fiber, all of which can boost your feeling of fullness and the length of time it takes before you get those pesky hunger pangs. Plus, UCLA researchers studied overweight adults who were able to lose the equivalent of 10-12 pounds over three months by cutting 500 calories and adding an afternoon 3-ounce in-shell pistachio snack.

Tip: Choose in-shell pistachios instead of those already shelled. They take longer to eat, slowing consumption time. Empty pistachio shells act as a key visual cue, encouraging “mindfulness” as one eats, ultimately curbing calorie consumption. 30 pistachios = 100 calories.

Pizza3. Pizza Slice
OK, so this idea is a bit of a stretch. Or is it? A large slice of plain cheese pizza on a thin or hand-tossed crust is a just-right portion for dieters. Pile on lots of fresh veggies, and it’s a nutritiously-balanced entrée. Nutrition experts say that planning favorite foods into a healthful meal plan is a key for long-term weight management. Even the American Dietetic Association suggests pizza can be a nutritious pick! And in a brand new British Journal of Nutrition-published study, researchers found that including water, coffee, tea, diet soda, fruit, soup, cereal, pasta and, yes, pizza in the diet weren’t associated with higher calorie intakes and, in some cases, were connected to lower overall calorie intakes.

Tip: Savor a cheese or veggie hand-tossed or thin crust pizza slice instead of overindulging in one (or more) meaty, way-too-greasy deep dish or thick crust pieces. One large slice of a 14-inch hand-tossed cheese pizza provides about 240 calories. Make it a veggie slice and you’ll add just 10 calories – plus lots more interest, satisfaction and a big nutritional boost.

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