College Sex: The Ins and Outs

A new survey on college sex provides an inside look at intimate sexual secrets.

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Who’s the Sexiest of Them All?

A new college sex survey has the inside scoop

-Carrie Seim

sexy woman in a red carBlondes may have more fun, but redheads have more three-ways. And vegans may not be down with meat, but they’re definitely down with going down.

That’s according to an extensive sex-and-dating survey compiled by The irreverent online dating site asked 10,000 college students from around the country to confess their most intimate sexual secrets. The results, while not earth-shattering, make for some handy conversation starters.

Here’s an icebreaker for your next work function: Did you know that vegetarians enjoy giving oral sex 2.5 times more than carnivores do? (Dramatic pause as you snap a carrot from the crudites platter.)

And here’s a fun fact for your family reunion: Redheads are eight percent more likely to participate in a menage a trois than college students with other hair hues. Also, 24 percent of redheads have taken naked photos or posted sexy videos of themselves online. (Lucille Ball would be so proud.)

Lest you think carrotheads are the only kinky kids out there, nearly 60 percent of college students have participated in a one-night stand. And 41 percent have had sex while someone else is in the room. Sounds more risqué than it is, when you calculate the inevitable roommate factor. Ah, dormmates, the mother of exhibitionism.

Next time a friend or offspring announces her longing for a tattoo, throw some tat stats in her face. According to the study, students with tattoos are twice as likely to have STDs and take pregnancy tests than their tat-free counterparts. They may also be destined to a lifetime of boring sex, as tattooed folks prefer the missionary 2-to-1 to the cowgirl position.

Slightly frightened or uncomfortably turned on by all these sexy facts and figures? There’s not much you can do about it, as the survey results show students get most of their sexual info from lovers, friends and the Internet. Sorry, parents, books and sex-ed classes – you’re soooo old-school.

So, all you moms who want to shelter your precious redheads from a sex-filled student life? Time to start blogging.

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