Dating Advice You Should Ignore

They may mean well, but there are times when you should ignore your girlfriends' dating advice
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Dating Advice You Should Ignore

They may mean well, but there are times when you should ignore your girlfriends’ dating advice

-Kaneisha Grayson

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We women love to talk through our problems and dish out advice. We’re there for each other during good times and bad, and it makes perfect sense that we would look to our girlfriends for help and guidance in our dating lives. However, it’s important to beware of times when your girlfriends’ advice is exactly what you want to avoid. Read the descriptions below and see if you’ve been listening to dating advice from the exact wrong sources:

1. The chronically single girlfriend
All singles are not created equal. Some women are single because they choose to be single or they have yet to meet the right person. These friends often provide great advice, because they help you not be a desperate dater. Then there are the other singles — the women who really want to be in a relationship but just can’t seem to keep a man. Beware the advice of these girlfriends or you may end up just like them — single and wondering why.

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2. The rationalizer girlfriend
We all have that girlfriend that will always tell us just what we want to hear when it comes to dating. If he breaks up with you, she’s the first to curse his name. If he comes back, she’s already planning your engagement party. This friend is so blinded by wanting to make you happy, she becomes an accomplice to bad dating decisions because she can never see straight enough to help you see the truth!

3. The girlfriend trapped in an unhappy or dysfunctional relationship
Many times, your girlfriends subconsciously give advice that validates their own current and past bad decisions, rather than advice that actually helps you with the dilemma at hand. Here’s a perfect example of how a friend blinded by her own current relationship problems might give you bad advice: “Give him a second chance! Every person deserves a second chance!” (This coming from a woman who keeps taking back her cheating dog of a boyfriend.) Beware of dating advice from people who can’t seem to get it right themselves!

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0 thoughts on “Dating Advice You Should Ignore

  1. I, too, am that first kind of single girl. I’m not in a relationship because I haven’t met the right person yet, and I don’t want to waste time or energy on a relationship with just anyone. I do give great dating advice (according to my friends, anyway), and here’s why: I don’t compromise my standards. I would rather not be in a relationship at all than be in a bad one.

  2. I was that girl too, and finally met someone that was 98% of what I was looking for and after all, since no one or nothing is perfect, I would say 98% is pretty good! 🙂 It pays off to wait for the One.

  3. This was a great article! Sometimes you get so caught up in what other people think you forget to rely on yourself for advice. Usually I know what the right answer to a problem is. The hard part is doing the right thing.

  4. I really liked this article it helps me with a current problem Im having. However im still a little unsure, wodering if you online readers might be able to help me out. So I am dating this guy and we have been together for almost 2 years now, we live together, have a dog together, have a life together….the whole nine. However some of my family and friends dont like him cuz he is 16 years older then me. This particular best friend of mine has always liked him but recently him and I have been bickering and fighting a little bit so of course I go to my bff to vent, not really for advice I didnt ask her what I should do just wanted to get my frustration out. Then she tells me that she no longer wants to come over to my place cuz she doesnt agree with the way my bf treats me and she is afraid of saying something to him if she see’s him. Now this friend has been in one serious relationship in her life, and it was a very disfunctional one. The guy she was dating wanted to keep their relationship a secret for the longest time. And she is definitely like single girl number 2, desperate for a relationship. Anyways I try and explain to her how much more difficult it is to LIVE with something rather then just date them but she has never been there so she doesnt understand. So I got a little bit upset at her when she said that she no longer wanted to be around my bf. My bf does treat me very very well, we just fight every now and then like every couple does. Anyways I apologized to her for getting upset and told her I knew she meant well and that she loves me, I mean this girl and I have been best friends since preschool!!! I dont want to lose her but it did make me mad what she said and I have tried texting her a few times since and have gotten no response. What do I do?? (sorry this was so long)

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