Do Guys Prefer Women with Big Boobs?

Wha's the deal with men and women's breasts? Real guys do their best to explain.
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Do Guys Prefer Women with Big Boobs?

What’s the deal with men and women’s breasts? Real guys do their best to explain.

-Justin DeMarco

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Are bigger breasts such a turn-on for guys – or such a proven confidence-booster for women unhappy with their bodies – that you should call up Dr. 90210 right this minute and schedule a breast augmentation? My advice: Wait until you’ve read this article (and have commented and given me a five-star rating), and then make your decision.

In all seriousness, yes, some women (and more than a few guys) do believe that the bigger a woman’s bra size the more men she’ll attract. But for those who think all men care about is big breasts, I say, Wait a minute, Missy! Men don’t only care about big boobs. Give us a little credit. We like butts, legs, abs and yes, faces, too.

“Sure, I like boobs,” says Tommy, a 29-year-old engineer from Long Island. “But it’s not a deciding factor when it comes to dating someone. I can usually find ten other things that attract me to a woman before I consider her chest size.”

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See, ladies! All men aren’t dogs, even though we occasionally do share some similarities. For example just like K-9’s sniff out drugs and go berserk when they locate narcotics, some men are always on the lookout for that perfect set of breasts, great butt or sexy legs, and flip out when they find them. It’s like we have an internal radar system that seeks these things out and can never be shut off.

“As a guy, it’s your job to be able to spot a good rack from across the bar or even on a woman sitting on the other side of the arena at a basketball game,” says Drew, a 25-year-old Phoenix radio host.

But the male fascination with breasts goes beyond just staring at them, of course. For most guys, they’re the ultimate turn-on because they’re right there. It makes it easier to fantasize about what a night with that girl would be like when you’ve already had a glimpse of what she’s offering. Of course, men tend to be pretty hands-on, too.

“They’re fun to play with,” says Jason, a 31-year-old Houston lawyer who claims he’s more of an ass man because he knows woman have to work for it. “Society has programmed us to be attracted to boobs.”

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49 thoughts on “Do Guys Prefer Women with Big Boobs?

  1. It’s great to hear from guys on this. As someone carrying a little extra, it seems that a lot of guys think that when women have big breasts, they automatically get permission to make dirty comments. News flash: just because they are porn-star sized doesn’t mean I’m actually a porn star putting the goods on display. They are just tough to hide – and who wants to wear baggy t-shirts all the time?

  2. I’m just plain big; my hips butt and breasts are all… generous. On the one hand, they do gain me some attention, but on the other it’s a serious pain to find clothing that fits right. Uptowngirl is right– it’s hard to hide a really big rack!

    Speaking as a woman who is bisexual it’s all about the proportion for me. Huge boobs on a stick-figure frame are a massive turn off to me, because the balance is all wrong.

  3. I’m barely an A cup and I really can’t wait to change that. I was blessed with a nice behind, but that’s about it. I feel that I have to wear extreme push-up bras even just for them to show at all through a tight shirt and it sucks!

  4. I think women should stop buying into this cosmo crap. I am not a feminist, but I am a women’s advocate and I wish all women could wake up everyday with the intention of being beautiful for THEMSELVES…not to impress some guy. If you’re married, knwo how to use what you’ve got and you’re husband will go crazy over them and if you’re not don’t change a damn thing….someone is going to love them EXACTLY as they are if you love them first and use what you’ve got and believe YOU ARE SEXY EXACTLY AS YOU ARE TODAY. NO changes needed.

  5. Well I have been around the block a few times. I was married to a woman with 34B’s, I dated a woman with a 34B’s. Big boobs look grotesque on some woman. In my mind natural is better. What I have found is people who go with outward body appearences, at least most of the time, the inward person is a shallow drama queen. There is enough drama in the world without coming home to it. Attacting a guy is one thing. Getting and keeping him is another. If a woman gets artificial endowments they will probably attract a superficial guy. They need to ask themselves “Is that what I really want?”

  6. I am actually attracted to women with smaller breasts. A smaller size makes the woman look younger. Even tiny breasts are fine. In addition, it is the whole person that is most important. Now if she has no breasts AND no butt, I would have to think twice. One has to be a feast for the eyes.

  7. Hmm.. intriguing subject matter. When I was younger, I thought big breasts (porn star quantity) were the S****. I noticed that the more I surfed for porn, the further from that view I gravitated. I briefly dated a woman overseas and right before our first night of lovemaking, she approached me with her hands cupping her breasts because she was insecure about their size. I gently removed her hands and just told her to drop her insecurities for an hour. They weren’t porn star-sized, but I was quite pleased with them. For the first time ever, I appreciated the SHAPE instead of the size. I loved every curvature and the softness of her skin. I was fascinated how they yielded before my touch and didn’t exceed the size of my hand, like grappling with an excess amount of pizza dough. It was like I had two worlds within my hands that I could experience to my heart’s content. From that experience, I now look more appreciatively at smaller breasts. They (smaller breasts) contribute to a beautiful symmetry that doesn’t compartmentalize a part of a woman from another. Almost like the Greek statues that I see when I visit the museums that I frequent… sorry for the wordy post.. just my 2 cents

  8. I have been well-endowed since high school (36DD) and have always been extremely self-conscious about the size of my boobs. They attract unwanted attention, and I always feel like I’m simply eye-candy to any man that I meet, no matter how respectable he is, just because of my bra size. For all of you girls out there who have small breasts, do not be ashamed of them. I envy you.

  9. I’ve had big boobs, and now I have smaller ones thanks to my breast reduction. I much prefer the smaller (though they’re still a C-D cup). I feel more feminine, more alluring, more slender and much perkier!! I’m 45, but my breasts look like I’m 25, and after years of being embarrassed by how big they were in public, plus embarrassed by how saggy they were in private, I finally have pretty breasts! I can go braless, show pretty cleavage, find cute and sexy underwear that fits (instead of horrible industrial looking bras that only come in white and nude), and buy my bras at VS instead of special stores for women with problem figures. Did I mention that I’m very happy with my choice? 🙂

  10. Not all guys like big boobs,for inatance I look at the butt feet face and just the whole package it is way more than the breast for most of us guys. And smaller breast don;t sag 🙂 My dad used to tell me anything more than a handful is wasted anyways 🙂

  11. I don’t care if your flat, I like hips and thighs and butt…and fake boobs are not cool at all, especially if they look like glued on softballs!!!

  12. I wish men and women would stop judging on breast size. I used to volunteer in the court system. One associate said in a meeting “big breasts dont belong in the court room”! What ignorance to hear from another woman. Ive had men and women be rude to me because Ive always been big since I was 12. Ive been judged as being in the sex industry- wish I had I might have made a lot more money on these double D’s! But overall I love my breasts! I even take them out and play with them myself when the whim strikes me. Im a man pleaser in bed because I adore men and breasts are just another means to do the pleasing. Just dont buy into any of the cliches anyone tries to hang on you.

  13. I’m a 36DD sometimes a 36F depending on the bra. And let me tell you it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. I was a 34D before I had my two kids and I would LOVE to go back to that size. I’m pretty even all around(butt, hips, thighs) but the back and neck pain from such heavy boobs is just not worth it. Plus the sag factor that has been mentioned. I used to love my boobs, they were big and realistically perky, I used to think that they plus my legs were my best physical features. Now…Not so much. I can’t wear clothes unless they cover me like a tee shirt, and to find a bra that isn’t made of a yard of material is unheard of. And even stores that cater to larger chested women put padding in their bras….HELLO don’t need it. I’m trying to talk my husband into a reduction but of course he has the same philosophy as the older married guy about boobs, so he doesn’t care that they’re saggy. According to my husband even though they’re saggy they’re still really full, according to me…yippy skippy, my back and neck hurt and I want to wear tank tops and strappy dresses!!!!!!! Medium boobs are BEST!!!!!

  14. well let me tell u, this is coming from a guy, big breasts r overrated !!!petite chested women have always made me crazy.
    mluca2 i’ll bet you are ‘all of that’ stay real !!!!
    fake breasts unless really needed (medically) r a complete NO NO!!!!
    once again stay real be real !!!!

  15. I was a mursing mother of 3 (now teens) and have DD saggers, but my husband still loves ’em. I would like to go smaller or perkier because it is hard to find clothes that look nice. But I won’t go under the knife, I’ll just look for a better bra!

  16. rnjen is right on target. I am not perfect, I am very thin with full hips but no chest, barely an A cup. At 41 and after 3 kids they are still perky, though not big. My husband and I have a great sex life. I may not have a perfect body that looks great in a bikini, but I do have a great body that is great for sex! Be what you are and feel good about it! Fell good about who you are and be confident; that confidence will shine through and you’ll be sexy. . . you don’t have to be perfect to be sexy. . .get over that perfection attitude and you will have lots of fun and so will your guy!

  17. Men like looking at breasts because here in America breasts are still considered forbidden fruit. A man’s desire to see that which he isn’t meant to see drives him to stare at a woman’s breasts. In more open minded countries where not only grown women but also teenage girls go topless at beaches and in some places in public men don’t stare at the breasts as often because they are used to seeing them. Thats my opinion anyway.

  18. Hey guys! You see this woman with big breasts and you think she is hot and looks friendly and meets your expectations and you think she is the one. Say you walk up to her and talk to her and she is bitchy to you. That plan ruined. You just made an ass out of yourself. Why don’t you men go for personality instead of looking at breasts, legs and sex.

  19. I’m an a-cup and completely fine with it! 🙂

    I can skip a bra when I want to, which is awesome. They won’t sag past the bottom of my rib cage when I’m older, which is even MORE awesome. No back pains, less difficulty finding a bra that fits. I only wear push-up bras with certain shirts though. :v

  20. I was one of the teenagers that were pre-pubescent, (early development). My parents were having to have bras made for my by the time I was 13. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. When I was 14, it was discovered that I had lumps and bumps in my over-sized breasts. This led to a breast reduction. Before the breast reduction, I suffered from attention NO 14 YEAR OLD CHILD, should ever have to deal with, not to mention the constant back and neck aches. Since the breast reduction, my back only hurts from injuries (long healed) from the car accident that turned up the melanoma’s that were in my breasts. The only complaint I have is that they are too cylindrical, I would like them to be more on the rounder (not bigger sized). I’d like to have cleavage. They are too big to go without a bra, and too small to attract unwanted attention. This size also fits my petite/average body size. If I did have the money to afford any augmentation, I’d really prefer to have my own body fat (after kids), bagged and placed to create the rounder, cleavage that I’d like to have. As far as silicone, hell no. As far as saline, again; hell no. No-one knows the long term health affects of ruptured saline bags, and seeing as my body fat is a part of my body, I don’t see how moving it to a preferable spot would cause long term health problems. But, my 17 year younger boyfriend likes them the size they are. (36B).

  21. i have pretty large boobs for my age and i honestly think its a curse…they get in the way all the time…i cant buy cute shirts because i have to think hmmm will this fit over my boobs its absolutley horrible ive caught multiple guys looking and trying to glance down my shirt once i even had a teacher looking it was disgusting…im an active person i like to run but the reason i dont is because guys stare because they jiggle and bounce every where…its the worse thing ever honestly i hate them…..but my bf loves them….nothing i can do at my age….a few more years and they are gone!! or at least smaller

  22. I myself am not a big breast fan. Most women I come across try to sell that as their best feature and usually I walk away thinking “whore”. I tend to look for beautiful eyes 1st and I admit I am an “ass man”. when breast come into the range of desire, I tend to look for the 34A to 34c. But all that don’t matter if you do not have good hygiene, If you act a slut i think you are a slut, and a decent personality.

  23. “But all that don’t matter if you do not have good hygiene, If you act a slut i think you are a slut, and a decent personality.”

    Should be:
    But all that don’t matter if you do not have good hygiene, If you act a slut i think you are a slut, and a bitchy personality.

  24. I have big boobs, and yeah, there are guys who love them. But there are also guys I have liked that preferred thinner women, with little breasts and so were not interested. There are advantages and disadvantages to any body type. There are days I wish I had the perfect butt for a thong!

  25. I hit a C cup in 3rd grade and I am now a DD. I didn’t have my first bf til I was 21 because all the guys I met figured I’d give it up because of my chest. I can’t change the size of them (I could, but why would I?)its just about feeling confident about yourself and finding the right guy who will respect you. I try my best to be modest, but when shirts are cut for B cups, its hard. But I do what I can…and I like me for me.

  26. for some women hormonal changes will make them grow! i went from a 32 A when i was married to a 36 B 1/2 after kids and nursing, and now at 50 I’m a 40C. same thing happened to my mom but she ended up with DD. You never know what God will give you in life. I’m not so sure i like them this big though. makes exercising harder, esp. running.

  27. When I asked a male friend of mine “Do men prefer big breasts?”, he said “Kate, men prefer naked breasts. Big, small, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they’re naked and in front of the guy”.

  28. I'm a black Canadian lad,60,with boyish good looks,a muscular build-5'9",200 lb.,18" biceps- who's said to resemble a handsome black cowboy stud IN AND OUT of my Wranglers jeans and other casual and/or Western wear,so OF COURSE I'm into buxom blondes and Latinas between 25 and 40-AND VICE VERSA!!!!(Of course,I also slobber over EVERY big boob black babe!!!!!!)

  29. Of course,I CAN'T RESIST a busty babe,particularly a buxom blonde between 25 and 40!!!!!I'm a good ol' black Canadian lad,60,with boyish good looks,a muscular build-I'm 5'9",200 lb.,18-inch biceps-who's attempting to launch a Country song-writing career and resembles a handsome black cowboy stud IN AND OUT of my Wranglers jeans and other casual and/or Western wear.(Also,these double-barreled gals CAN'T SEEM TO RESIST ME!!!!!)

  30. OF COURSE,I LOVE BIG BOOB BABES!!!!!!I'M A DUDE!!!!!!!(A good ol' black Canadian lad,60,with
    boyish good looks,a muscular build-I'm 5'9",200 lb.,18-inch arms-who's attempting to become a Country song-writer and said to resemble a handsome black cowboy stud IN AND OUT of my Wranglers jeans and other
    casual and/or Western garb!!!!!!)

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  35. Women also like to tease other women about their boob sizes as well as men.I had that kind of a relationship with my former in laws including my former mother in law. Making of my having larger bosoms than her and her in laws.My boyfriends moms also make light of it;Some for a compliment but a lot to tease me about like nice boobs.Nice huggers,ect.Cathy

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