Does Bikini Razor Commercial Go Too Far?

Are women expected to "mow their lawns" to make men happy?


Does Bikini Razor Commercial Go Too Far?

Are women expected to “mow their lawns” to make men happy?

Carrie Seim

Have you mowed your lawn lately? Trimmed your shrubs? Pruned your hedges? Summer’s just around the bend – time to weed your lady garden! This reminder brought to you by a new, possibly offensive, definitely hilarious commercial for Quattro bikini razors.

The filthy-funny British spot, created by Wilkinson Sword (marketed as Schick in the U.S.), doubles up on double entendre. It riffs on a tamer U.S. commercial you may have already seen.

The spot opens with a woman stroking a furry cat in her lap. She’s joined by some gal pals, who burst into a rousing chorus of the bouncy jingle: “Mow the Lawn!”

An African-American lady sings, “Some bushes are really big!”

An Asian lady sings, “Some gardens are mighty small.”
A white lady sings, “”All that’s left for me to see are tulips on the mound.” (Get it? Tu-lips. On the mound.)

The commercial gushes with imagery of hedge clippers, a chainsaw (!) and topiaries sculpted into landing strips and hearts.

The spot ends with the white lady stroking her – now hairless – cat.
Subtle, much?

I’m sure many women will be outraged with this commercial. Or offended that corporations are now publicly encouraging women to shave their bikini “areas.” (Why are they called “areas,” by the way? And “landing strips?” Is someone from the FAA calling the shots on pubic hair nomenclature?)

But the reality is – nearly every woman I know neatens her nether regions. Some do it because it’s fashionable – the miniskirt of personal grooming.

Some do it because men love it – and expect it. One guy told me, “It’s weird because a landing strip in college was considered so sexy. But now I’m a little annoyed when there is even a little bit left behind.” Another guy said he recently slept with a girl with who had an “overgrown, ‘70s-style” look. “It was disconcerting to say the least. If a girl is going to sleep with you and she doesn’t prep accordingly, what does that say about how she feels about you?”

The last man I spoke to said, “An unruly vagina is a manifestation of some POW fantasy!”

Others do it because it feels good. Like amazingly good. In certain situations. Did I mention amazing?

Back to the commercial. I know I’m going to be unpopular (as unpopular as an unshaved “area”) for saying this – but I think it’s great.

For years we’ve been inundated with condescending ads laden with bizarre euphemisms for “female” products. I could go my entire life without hearing the phrases “intimate moment,” “staying regular” or “not so fresh feeling” again.

It’s refreshing to watch a pitch-perfect parody of those patronizing lady ads. Finally – a company that has a sense of humor. And thinks I’m smart enough to get the joke.

And to be fair, Philips Norelco started this whole thing with its hysterical Shave Everywhere Web site directed at men and their… “areas.” The site’s NSFW – but it’s brilliant. And see? It’s not just women who are being encouraged to prune the hedges.

All’s fair in love and shaving!

What do you think? Does this Quattro bikini razor commercial cross the line? Do women face too much pressure from men when it comes to body hair grooming?

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56 thoughts on “Does Bikini Razor Commercial Go Too Far?

  1. I agree Carrie! Why are they called "areas" ?? I do not think they crossed the line at all, in fact I think it is hilarious. Women spend so much $$ paying big bucks to take care of this "area" and I think this cheap little gadget looks pretty good!

    Can anyone testify? Does it work?

    1. It's a disgusting commercial put together by ditchpig men. I would love to see this commercial with men standing there ready to shave their pubes. Think it will happen? I think not, it's still a man's world. It's a degrading commercial.

  2. I died laughing when I saw it at Walgreens the other day. Really – what a brillinat product idea! And I love the British commercial – so much better than the American one!

  3. I think that it is funny, but pathetic that women feel the need to shave the pubes for their men. If you like a “full lawn”, you should not feel the need to change.

  4. I don;t know if all women feel then need to trim for there man… When I get a bikini wax, I lik eto clean it us a bit down there for myself. Honestly, it’s critical for wearing a swimsuit!

  5. Tu-lips on the mound! LOL! I do think that some men (who don’t even trim/shave themselves) put too much pressure on women. And I agree with CaliGal. I like to do it for myself!

  6. Needcoffee–how was it? Does it work? I always get red bumps and ingrown hairs when I shave.

    Last time I went for a wax though, the lady asked me what I did to groom down there because, well, it must have looked pretty well trimmed. I told her I use my husband’s beard shears on like the lowest guard. SHE even said she might have to try that! Now that’s a compliment when the lady who’s waxing you comments on your good grooming methods!

    I loved this commercial. It is pretty OUT there though, but funny!

  7. Lord, I feel old, frumpy, and ungroomed! I cannot BELIEVE the pressure you young ladies must feel. But I have to tell you it feels we (your elders) did it all for nothing if you gals do this “for your man”…PLEASE!!! I must admit..I thought the commercial was funny!

  8. Do it for YOU. If some stupid jerk pressures you into “mowing your lawn”, tell him to TAKE A HIKE. This reminds me of crazy women who will go-down on their guy, EVEN IF he won’t return the favor. I would laugh in a man’s face if he said “YOU have to, but I don’t.” 😛

  9. A certain amount of grooming is a good thing, but I can’t help feeling like any man who wants a woman to be completely shaved has a bit of a pedophilia issue. A grown woman is supposed to have pubic hair. So, clean it up, trim it, whatever, but lets stop this icky pre-pubescent look.

  10. Good grief, what is it with our fear of hair? Men are expected to be clean shaven and bald-chested, as if they don’t GROW hair on their chests. Women shave pits and legs, and now “bikini areas”? Give me a break!

    There is a “pedophile” feel to this, as if women were expected to have no or very little hair “down there”…well, little girls are hairless, too. Ugh.

  11. It’s just frustrating to me that we have to shave our legs, armpits, and now our vaginas for men. who says we don’t like feeling smooth skin as well? when was the last time a man waxed his balls for you? or shaved his armpits. i’m just saying, why shouldn’t they have to put a little more effort into their appearance as well? if i ‘mow my lawn’, it certainly won’t be for any man, it will be for my own comfort.

  12. Oh! This absolutely works. Both my husband and I mow our respective lawns daily, to keep them clean and neat.
    He’s 70, I’m 60 and it keeps the drive in first gear at all times!

  13. This is funny! I’m not offended. It’s even better than those cheesy Enzyte commercials. Innuendo is fine when it’s not funny & not too prurient. If someone is offended, she needs to get some Miss Clairol, because her puritanical roots are showing. 😉

  14. I’m not too sure what the hype is about, it’s a pretty funny and cheesy way to sell razors. I’m a bit miffed at the sub-title though, no whre (at least I caught onto) does it imply you should ‘mow your lawn’ to make men happy. Outraged about what, dare I ask?

  15. Having some form of hair down there (neatly done, on most days, mind you) makes me feel like a woman, and not a young girl. I scoff at men who say “my woman MUST have hardwood floors!”

  16. This commercial is VERY offensive to me. Some things are PRIVATE and should be left private. Sure, it’s a “cutsy” commercial but I certainly do not want to see this on TV. It’s unnecessary. All of this hoopla will cause the sales to skyrocket. Pathetic method to push a product.

  17. I thought the commercial was kinda messed up funny in that cut off your head with a toothbrush kind of way but when my guy asked me to keep it shaved for him i married him then made him shave from the nipples down. actually i did it for him, how now askes me to shave him once a week and I shave both of us when he does.

  18. I found the ad hilarious! I had previously dated a guy who asked me to shave. It wasn’t really pressure; it was more that he’d never been with someone who shaved and wanted to know what it was like. I made a deal with him. I’d shave if he shaved. He agreed.

    I’ve kept myself trimmed ever since, and it’s now a matter of personal preference. I don’t go completely bare, but I do keep it quite closely trimmed. If I don’t, I grow a rampant bush that’s just uncomfortable!

  19. It’s funny-I started shaving completely when I was 14 and didn’t realize that anyone else did it for about two years. I thought it was my dirty little secret. In high school, I dated a guy who begged me to grow it out so he could “see what it was like.” I wonder what the next generation’s pubic hair trends will be.

  20. I face no pressure from men or society. I am married to a man who does not care for trimmed or shaved “areas”, lol. He likes it natural. He leaves it up to me completely, but would rather I not shave. In the summer, I do trim — it’s just too plain hot not to, but the rest of the year, I’m a natural wonder, lol. I do not think the ad goes to far, I have to admit, I find it quite humorous — now where is the men’s commercial for t.v.? I’m sure that would be even funnier.

  21. …I don’t know about everyone else, but I want one of these things. Regular razors are too wide and I end up cutting myself. I don’t do it because anyone wants me to (although my husband enjoys it) I do it because -I- like it.

  22. I thought this commercial was hilarious! The one in Ireland isn’t as funny, but they don’t bother me at all.
    If yer fella is that concerned about how hairy you are down below, then tell them to gtfo! Sometimes I shave, sometimes I don’t. Really depends on my mood. I don’t feel pressured to do it at all!
    And if you’re gonna shave, men should at least have the same decency. I’ve only seen that once, and that was with a long term boyfriend!

  23. I agree with Carolyn88. Do or don’t do it for you. Personally, I feel GREAT when I do. 😉 This commercial is so brilliant. I’m so glad that one of the biggest companies has embraced the times when you can say almost anything and won’t be too heckled for it. They went out on a limb with this ad, and I support it 100%.

  24. I am a man who stumbled upon this site. I have previously seen the commercial posted to youtube. I thought it was amusing.

    I don’t understand why a woman should feel offended at the idea the a commercial is suggesting she “shave for her man.” I think every a razor commercial aimed at men I have ever seen are suggesting shaving to please her. I have even seen commercials telling me to shave my entire body to please the woman. (Phillips bodygroomer for example) That would take an hour out of me day every day. And 5 o’clock stubble on my chest is not something i like experiencing!

    Some men shave, some don’t. Same for women. Big fat hairy deal! (as Garfield would say 🙂 )

    Realize Schick’s aim with this commercial is as short-sighted as it is possible to be. They want a commercial that will sell more of their razors. period. They are not out to define what women “should” do for the men in their lives, or anything out.

    It is just about the money.

  25. I located this via StumbleUpon and just had to comment. This commercial and the ShaveEverywhere website are hilarious! My wife and I (yes, I am male) both thought they were great. And on the subject of shaving – yes, I do ask my wife to shave, and she asks me that I don’t cut the hair on my head. These are just small things we can each do for the other that require only a little bit of work and yet they please the other person, so why not?

  26. First, I thought of the racist stereotyping.
    Then I addressed the issue directly: why in the hell does anyone care? Why do men care? In ancient Greece, men insisted that wives wax their vulvas; but they also had teen boyfriends for romance and sex in their early 20s before they were ready to settle down and get married, and it was seen as normal and desirable for a slightly older man to nurture a younger one in EVERY way, so let’s not look to the ancient Greeks for direction.

    Bob Guccione’s Penthouse has a shape this commercial left out — he likes a rectangle.

    But I say for women to knuckle under to men who demand nude nethers to tell the guy to get up and get out, I’m the way I am, and if he doesn’t like it he can shave his own to see how it feels. He won’t, you know.

    Public hair crowding out of a bikini is equally offensive, though it’s common in Europe. For bikini-wearers, I’d say a trim of the flying locks suffices. I don’t know about you, but pubic hair makes me lose my appetite, men’s or women’s.

    I never had to worry much about it; blonds generally don’t. Just use common sense. There are hair-removing creams so you don’t have to worry about stubble; but unless it shows to the world when you don your bikini, keep what you have.

    If a guy has trouble with hair THERE, he overlooks its reasons for being there, which are health protection — keeps lint, fuzz, etc., from invading –and a little sexy veiling of its own. If he’s into the bald look, I’d worry about just how young he wishes you were when he’s fantasizing.

    As for “mow the lawn” — what’s under the grass, sistah? Dirt, worms, bugs…. it’s not a very nice analogy.

  27. barf… seriously, I feel nauseous after watching this commercial and even more after reading the enthusiasm of the article’s writer. I can’t believe this article has 4 stars out of five, I am disturbed at the susceptibility of people to the media’s war against our bodies especially when presented by gender/racial stereotypes thinly veiled by what some consider as comedy. As a woman who loves my body I am utterly disappointed.

  28. Okay I’m a guy who likes to go down and if my wife does not want to no me it’s no big deal. If your guy plays it the other way, it’s time to dump him for a real man who knows how to be both pleased and how to please you.

  29. the one with bushes it is too bad that we cant even watch commercials with kids is stupid and they banned the ones with guys in the boxers with jingle bells now that was cute and funny this is just embarrasing,needs to be banned.

  30. I found it totally inappropriate and not for TV during 'family' hours. It is so demeaning to women and even more discouraging is that women do not even realize that they are being disrespected. To compare your female area to a plant and the women clad in a bikini… just too much. Of course the men will love it.

  31. Lord, I feel old, frumpy, and ungroomed! I cannot BELIEVE the pressure you young ladies must feel. But I have to tell you it feels we (your elders) did it all for nothing if you gals do this "for your man"…PLEASE!!! I must admit..I thought the commercial was funny!

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